Advice From an Experienced Postmates Courier

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If you are currently a courier for Postmates or are thinking about picking up this gig as a side hustle for additional income, this article will outline a few pieces of advice that I have learned over the last year as a Postmates courier.

P.S. – These are things that Postmates never tells you when you are training!

Advice From an Experienced Postmates Courier

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1. You Can Order Additional Bags

You receive a Postmates bag when you start out as a courier, but they are small and flimsy. This is fine and dandy until you go to pick up an order for The Duggars. As a Postmates courier, you want the bigger orders since customers provide you with tips that match up to their order price.

One thing I personally do is order a new hot/cold bag at the beginning of each month (they are $6 each.) These are technically considered “replacement bags”, but having more than one will ensure that you can haul large orders and deliver them efficiently.

Postmates Hot Cold Bag

Image Credit: Postmates

2. Don’t Trust the “Busy” Areas on the Postmates Map

When you are in the Postmates application, the busiest areas will be highlighted in red. This is helpful but you should not rely on this when determining your route for one main reason; When an area is colored red, this actually represents orders that have already been placed, not predictions for future orders.

Instead of being like the rest of the swarm of Postmates couriers and heading to that red beacon on light, stick to the places that you know has consistent orders for you to make the best money possible.

3. There are Discounts Available with Postmates Perks

There are discounts you can receive on multitudes of products as a courier for Postmates. All you need to do is make at least 25 deliveries per month. After this, you can get discounts on Postmates Perks that has links to companies where you can receive discounts for items you are already purchasing!

While I wouldn’t claim the discounts are amazing, saving a little money here and there can really go a long way!

Discounts on Postmates Perks

4. There is a Strategy to Receive More Tips

Instead of banging on a customer’s door and handing them their order with no pizzazz, there is a better strategy to gain those extra tips. It is all about trying to connect with the customer. Here is what I do!

  • I send a text to the customer introducing myself and informing them that their order is being picked up. This opens the door for them to request other things such as additional napkins, condiments, or even if they wish to change their order. Plus, it personalizes their Postmates experience.
  • Remember, do not text and drive! Text before you begin driving or use text-to-speech to text.
  • Even if you don’t send them a text message, grab extra condiments, napkins and the like to offer them when you arrive.
  • After delivering their order, send them a text them thank-you for using Postmates and reminding them to leave a review.
  • Don’t mention tips, this is tacky. On the same screen as the review, they can leave a tip!
  • Another great tip is that you must text that customer before you close out their order, otherwise, it will not send. This is because the phone number you receive is not their real number. If you close out the order beforehand, that text will not be rerouted to them.

5. You can be Choosy with the Orders you Accept

Unlike GrubHub, a similar delivery hustle, Postmates doesn’t have an hourly payment structure, which means that you can opt out of just about as many deliveries as you want, which gives you the freedom to choose what deliveries are worth making.

If I see a ton of fast-food orders during the dinner rush, I know that I will receive more money when delivering food from nicer restaurants so I will decline the smaller ones. You can be picky, but make sure you are not just sitting in your car declining orders, otherwise, you will make nothing.

You can be Choosy with the Postmates Orders you Accept

6. Don’t Sweat ‘Blitzes’

Postmates ‘blitzes’ are when the application needs more drivers to come out and deliver orders.

During this time, they offer drivers a small boost in your orders. However, don’t stress over this, because again, the large amount of your income from Postmates will be coming from tips. While an additional boost to your original rate is good, I recommend sticking to the neighborhoods where you make the most.

In Summary

  • Don’t get too hung up on red highlighted areas
  • Don’t become stressed from blitzes
  • You will come up with a strategy that works the best for you!
  • Remember to be courteous to your customers to receive the best tips
  • Check out the link under “Postmates Perks’ to look at the possible rewards!

Good luck!

Advice From an Experienced Postmates Courier

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