Best Dash Cams for Rideshare Drivers 2019

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Best Dash Cams for Rideshare Driver 2019

No matter which rideshare company you drive for, it’s a good idea to protect yourself from the unknown that could happen during your time on the road. It can be hard to prove that an accident was no fault of yours if you don’t have any witnesses that can attest to what happened.

This is where a dash camera can save the day and possibly save your vehicle insurance thousands of dollars. All rideshare drivers should have a dash cam installed to ensure full protection on the road. Plus, it helps give you peace of mind so you can do an excellent job and earn those 5-star ratings.

There are literally hundreds of dash cameras out there, but sadly, many of them lack features and overall quality.

We’ve compiled the 5 best dash cameras of 2019 so that you can easily weed through flimsy cams and ensure you install a camera that will last through all your rideshare ventures.

Each of these five cameras have both dual camera, so that you’re able to record the interior and exterior of your vehicle during rideshare trips.

The Top 5 Dash Cams for Rideshare Drivers in 2019


  • Both the front and rear-facing cameras have a viewing angle of 150 degrees.
  • Front camera able to record at 1080p.
  • This dash cam supports a micro SD card up to 128GB to ensure you can record hours of video.
  • Has the ability to switch audio recording on and off.


  • Read camera only able to record at 720p
  • Audio quality isn’t the greatest
  • Interior infrared isn’t the best on the market
  • Requires 2 outlets or a splitter to utilize both cameras
  • Doesn’t include an SD card
  • Doesn’t have a GPS built-in


The Pruveeo C2 is a decent dash cam at a great price. Available for under $100 on Amazon, it’s a perfect starter dash cam for newbie rideshare drivers who want peace of mind, wide viewing angles, ability to record interior sound, and capture a decent video. The ability to switch the audio recording on and off is a nice feature, especially if you live within a state that has restrictions on recording.

Pruveeo C2 Dash Cam Night-Time Footage


  • Discreet design so it stays hidden from witnesses ahead of you
  • 170 degree ultra wide angle to capture a nice sweeping visual of your surroundings
  • High-quality li-polymer battery has the ability to bear both high & low temps
  • Full HD 1080p recording
  • Loop recording feature
  • Starts to record automatically when the engine is turned on


  • Doesn’t include an SD card
  • Only supports SD cards with lower storage
  • Not as heavy-duty as other dash cams on the market
  • Doesn’t include both front and rear cameras


The Pruveeo F5 1080p dash cam is a decent dash cam even with its small price tag of $38.99 on Amazon. With a wide viewing angle, discreet design, and 1080p recording ability, this is another great dash camera for brand new rideshare drivers who have a tight budget.


  • Front camera has a 150 degree viewing angle
  • Rear camera has a 180 viewing angle
  • Supports a Class 10 128GB SD card
  • Complete with a Sony Starvis sensor for low-light scenarios
  • 2-inch LCD screen for easy viewing
  • Very compact


  • A bit pricey
  • No built-in GPS


The Papago GoSafe S780 dash cam is powerful and compact, which makes it one of the best low-profile dash cams on the market in 2019. The picture quality is excellent, with a built-in sensor to ensure it saves footage in the event of an accident. However, the rear camera isn’t great for night recording. With a lack of GPS and the price tag of $200+, it’s a bit on the pricey side. But if you can afford a bit of luxury, then we ain’t holding you back!


  • Captures both front & rear views at 30 frames per second
  • Ability to capture angles at 170 degrees
  • Has 4 infrared lights to capture low-light interior video
  • G-sensor built in to detect sudden movements
  • Emergency locks collision footage to prevent overwriting
  • Records front & back footage on separate files
  • Detects movement around vehicle when parked


  • Can only support a 64GB SD card
  • Doesn’t include a SD card
  • Does have a GPS module, but you have to purchase separately


The Vantrue N2 Pro is an amazing dash cam with excellent audio and video quality. It more than fulfills the requirements that make up a great dash camera, including front and rear high-quality recording, front and rear infrared, and loop recording. Even though it doesn’t come with built in GPS, you can purchase the module separately for just $22. At just $200 on Amazon, this is a great addition to any seasoned rideshare driver’s vehicle!


  • High-quality front and rear cams
  • Built in GPS sensor
  • Has G sensor that detects accidents and auto-locks footage to prevent overwriting
  • SD card included
  • Even works in very hot temps
  • Built in WiFi to enable viewing of footage on phone or in the cloud


  • Pricey
  • Works best with BlackVue’s SD cards
  • Infrared for the 900S model is not yet available


We consider the BlackVue DR900S the best dash camera for those that drive rideshare in 2019. With the ability to capture clear footage in extreme darkness, the auto-locking collision footage, and the built-in GPS, the hefty $420 price tag is more than worth the investment.

4 Reasons to Purchase a Dash Cam for Your Side Hustle

Dash cameras are worthwhile investments no matter what side hustle you do where you drive your personal vehicle - even Instacart, DoorDash, and Ubereats delivery drivers should heavily consider purchasing a dash cam to save them time, money, and aggravation.

Dash cams provide evidence during an accident

1. Provides Evidence During an Accident

Even the best drivers can get themselves into a collision. One of the best reasons to have a dash cam is to show what happened when the accident occurred so that fault can be determined properly. It’s very common for parties to lie about what happened, and dash cams are your tools against false claims.

Dash cam footage can be given to your insurance company as proof that your side of the story is accurate. This can help prevent rate increases, which is reason enough alone to invest in a dash cam for rideshare driving.

Dash cams can help protect you against corrupt law enforcement

2. Can Help You Fight Corrupt Law Enforcement

It’s no secret that a major epidemic in the United States is crooked police officers who like handing out phony tickets. Your dash cam can capture just the evidence you need to fight back!

If you are pulled over by law enforcement in the U.S., it’s your right to record the encounter. If the officer tells you otherwise or informs you to turn off your camera, they either don’t know the law or are lying to you.

Can keep an eye on your car while it's parked

Many bad things can happen while your car is unattended - people can try stealing your gas, it can be keyed or scraped, or someone can break in and steal personal belongings.

There are many bad folks that don’t respect other’s vehicular property that has been caught thanks to dash cam footage. Without that footage, there is a much smaller chance they would’ve ever been caught for their bad behavior.

Many dash cameras have the ability to capture video even when you aren’t inside the car, thanks to motion sensors that detect when people get within a certain range or if someone hits your car when parked.

Protection Against False Claims Made by Rideshare Passengers

3. Offers Protection Against False Claims Made by Rideshare Passengers

When it comes to dishonest passengers you pick up as a rideshare driver, dash cam footage will be just the leverage you need to protect your side hustle. You never know what will happen out there on the road - if someone who wanted a free ride complained that you were driving under the influence, that could be the end of your rideshare career. Or, someone may complain that you harassed them - but dash camera footage can easily prove that you didn’t do anything of the sort.

In conclusion, purchasing a dash camera is a wise investment as a rideshare driver or delivery driver! It can provide you with a peace of mind that other precautions just can’t beat when you’re out on the road and hustlin’!

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