How Does UberEats Work: A Guide for New Drivers

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Uber has rapidly become the premier rideshare company for many people around the world. The reasonable prices and overall experience of Uber have taken ground transportation by storm, which has helped change every aspect of getting around from cities to suburbs and even rural towns.

This success has not stopped Uber from designing other services to improve the lives of drivers and consumers alike; Uber now runs another popular service called UberEats, which is also getting a lot of media attention right now and for all the right reasons.

Keep reading to get a complete rundown of what this great service is and how it can benefit you as both a consumer and a driver!

How does UberEats work - A guide for new drivers

What is UberEats?

UberEats is an innovative, on-demand food delivery service.

As a customer, you can order food pick-ups from local restaurants through the UberEats app. An UberEats driver is then assigned to your order, they pick up the food for you and then deliver it to you in a matter of minutes.

The advantage of UberEats is that your favorite foods are delivered to your doorstep for a minimal fee. It is often a lot cheaper than other delivery services, and because Uber has such a huge fleet of drivers, chances are you will get your food on time, or faster than expected.

The other advantage of UberEats is that you can also order food from a wide variety of restaurants. The service publishes more menus every day, giving you access to multiple options in your neighborhood!

Drivers are on standby to deliver food orders and can usually get food to you within half an hour. Because of all of this, it's become hard for other DoorDash, GrubHub, Seamless and other delivery platforms to compete with the low costs and high speeds of UberEats.

How UberEats Works

UberEats works similarly to other rideshare services.

With just a few clicks, you can download the app from the app store or from Google Play, sign up with your existing rideshare account (if you have one) and add your delivery address. That’s it!

You can then order food in three simple steps:

Once you've downloaded the UberEats app, enter your address to get customized menus and options.

UberEats Delivery Location

1. Browse

Taking the city of Chicago as an example, UberEats has numerous takeout stores and restaurants in and around the city to order from. They even have fast food options like McDonald's that are open late and can be ready faster than traditional restaurants.

Fast Food - McDonald's

The best part about UberEats is your driver will skip the line. It’s almost faster to order from the app than it is to go to McDonald's yourself.

Order McDonald's - UberEats

Just open your app and browse through to find the find the right cuisine or restaurant. The menu pricing will be exactly the same as the restaurant near you.

Once you decided what you want it’s really easy to check out.

2. Order

Before you complete your order, you will see prices of your choice food, including the booking fee and tax, as well as the approximate delivery time.

UberEats: Your Cart

If everything looks correct, all you have to do is tap "Place Order" to complete the ordering process. You don’t even need cash to tip your driver because all payments are made through the app!

3. Track

You can keep tabs on your order right from the time it is received at the restaurant. Every step is made easy, all the way from preparation to delivery. When your order is ready, it will be picked up from the restaurant and delivered right to your doorstep.

The significant advantage of UberEats is that you can see the name of the driver, their photo and you can watch on the map as they navigate the city until food is delivered to you. This is great for drivers as well as customers!

Perks of Driving for UberEats

UberEats is a great service, if you're looking to get some last minute grub, but there are even more advantages when you work for this service. I've listed some of top perks below.

1. Easy-to-Use Platform

This is perhaps the greatest advantage of UberEats. Orders come through, just like riders do, and you can set your profile to accept only UberEats deliveries. You will always know when an order is coming in and how far you have to go to pick it up.

UberEats Online

You can also select to accept rides that are only on the way to your destination. This is great if you want to pick up some orders and deliver them on your way to doing errands.

2. Good Rates

Not only is UberEats fast and easy, but the rates are great!

In Chicago, for example, each delivery will get you anywhere form $4 - $15. On average, I have seen many orders coming in at eight to ten dollars.

Find Trips Toward a Destination in UberEats

Because they pay you per mile and tack on the pick-up and drop-off fees, UberEats can actually be better than driving passengers at some points in the day.

3. Good Infrastructure that Keeps Everyone Happy

It's so easy to pick-up and drop-off orders because of the fast and seamless technology that Uber provides.

Restaurants know when you arrive because they will see your photo and get a notification when your car gets close. Many times they are even waiting with the order right at the door!

UberEats Destination

The map routes to the customer's house easily and there are convenient ways to text or call them when you are there.

Overall, everyone is happy with UberEats and it's pretty unlikely you'll get a belligerent customer.

Who can Drive for UberEats?

Most drivers do this as a side hustle to make some extra cash. As long as you are already an Uber driver you can qualify for UberEats. This is a great option for days when your car may be too messy to have passengers in it. The requirements are similar to the Uber rideshare program.

If you already went through the process to qualify for Uber, then UberEats can be activated on your device in a matter of minutes! The good thing about this is that it gives lots of freedom and flexibility to work when you want. Just turn your profile on to accept deliveries and you're set to go!

UberEats Driver Qualifications

• A valid driver’s license
• Proof of vehicle registration
• A minimum of 1-year experience on the road
• Capacity to carry up to 30 pounds

Some Uber locations will only hire those who are already UberX drivers. Others will consider applications for vehicles and drivers who not part of UberX.

Why More Drivers Should Sign up to Deliver with UberEats

Almost anyone can work for UberEats because they have lenient vehicle requirements when compared to regular cabs. As long you are 19 with a valid driving license you can earn money dropping off food wherever you want.

Here are Some Other Reasons Why People Should Work with UberEats

• Choose your Wheels

You can deliver orders with your car, scooter or bike, depending on the rules in your location and your vehicle.

This offers flexibility that helps people who may not be eligible to take passengers. Even with an older car you could potentially still join the rideshare workforce!

• Be Your Own Boss

You can drive and deliver orders whenever you want without having to deal with a traditional boss. You can take trips in the morning, at lunchtime, every night or every weekend- it is all up to you.

You also don’t have to worry about keeping the inside of your car neat or clean. Flexibility is the most significant benefit of working with UberEats.

• Make Good Money

With a strong payment structure that rewards drivers for each successful delivery, you will find delivering packages to work out pretty well.

You can tune in on your favorite radio station as you cruise around the city delivering orders, without having to worry about the wear and tear from more people getting in and out of your vehicle.

UberEats orders also count towards weekly bonuses and promotions too!

Who can drive for UberEats

Making Deliveries is Very Easy With UberEats

You may not need to get out of your car when delivering orders for UberEats, depending on your city and the order. When delivering food to a customer, the pin will show you how to complete the order.

A lot of times, drive-thrus will let you pick up the order right from the window. You won’t even have to go inside the restaurant or wait in line!

For drop-offs there are two convenient options:

1. Curbside

Here you don’t have to get out of your car either; customers come to you when you arrive at their location. They are notified in the app that you have pulled up and are often waiting outside for you. You can hand their food through the window and then drive off. Tips are easy too, because they can do it all in the app. No need to worry about cash!

2. Walk-in Drop-Off

Sometimes the app will display the customer’s address as well as drop off instructions. If the pin is not clear on where you need to meet the customer, you can text or call them while you are walking towards their address.


Overall I think UberEats is a great way to pick up orders and boost your rideshare career. There are so many perks, and with more restaurants being added all the time, there are more people ordering from the platform. The market for this is increasing rapidly throughout the country and is a great way to try out rideshare driving, even if you don’t want to take passengers.

It's definitely worth checking out!



Rao has experience as a driver for UberEats and Amazon Flex throughout Illinois. Based in Chicago she has worked to beta test and perform deliveries for both organizations. Her delivery experience have also included UberRush Delivery and Amazon Prime package delivery services. Rao Is advocates greater freedom in the rideshare economy by using the best package and food delivery systems possible.

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