How to Contact Uber

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How to Contact Uber

Did you know that “How do I contact Uber?” is still one of the most asked questions among both drivers and passengers in the rideshare community?

I know I’ve been there, as both a driver and a passenger. I have left things in vehicles, have dealt with problematic drivers, gotten kicked off the Uber platform, you name it! And one of the most confuzzling things to me is the lack of accessibility to receive help on Uber’s platform when things don’t do as planned.

It’s time we cleaned up that confusion. In this article we will bring to light the best methods to getting in touch with Uber.

1. Uber Phone Number

I have no doubt that one of Google’s biggest questions is “What is Uber’s support number?” It’s no fault of your own if there’s a gray area as to how to locate it.

Here are the steps to finding the Uber 24/7 number to contact support representatives. This feature is only accessible to drivers and unfortunately there’s no general support contact number for passengers. If you see other sources saying otherwise, the information is incorrect.

  1. Open your Uber driver app
  2. Click “Account”
  3. Click “Help”
  4. Click on the blue phone icon in the top right hand corner
  5. Click “Call Support”

The Uber Critical Safety Response Line

If you are in desperate need of a more urgent way to contact Uber in case of a serious incident or emergency, you can rest assured that the company does indeed have a dedicated line for these situations.

(800) 353-8237 or (800) 353-UBER

Keep in mind that the above number is not a better alternative to 911, but rather a direct way for both drivers and passengers to receive urgent support. For instance, if your driver acts illegally or has placed you in danger, then this is the best number to report an incident.

When you call, you’ll be routed to a center either in Chicago or Phoenix, where representatives can give you clear instructions of the best course of action that suits your situation.

These particular Uber representatives have been trained to contact emergency services if they believe the caller is in immediate danger.

If you’re just looking to complain about a ride or report an item you’ve lost, this is not the number for you. It’s dedicated to urgent matters only, so take this into account before dialing.

The Uber Critical Safety Response Line

2. Support Within the App

If you need to speak with an Uber representative, your best bet is the support you find right in your Uber application. This is by far the easiest method to receive help that works for both drivers and riders.

The functionality of the support within the app may vary, but the basic concept is the same across the board.

Passenger Support

Uber has greatly simplified the process of getting in touch with their support by placing it into the Help Center right on the passenger application.

The Help Center is located with all kinds of information, such as trip issues, lost items, sign-up process, how-to’s, rides, and more. Uber has basically taken the site and packed it all into the app for ease of use.

Passengers can easily access the Help Center by clicking ‘Menu’, then ‘Help’. They’ll then see their recent trip, as well as other information about using Uber. And if there is an issue with a ride, all riders have to do is tap the ‘Report An Issue With This Trip’ button and select which answer best suits their issue(s).

Uber Driver Support

Just like on the passenger app, the Uber Partner application has an in-depth Help section built into it as well.

If you’re an Uber driver seeking support, you can navigate to the Help menu by clicking ‘Account’ then ‘Help’ to gain access. You can view messages from support, fare and trip reviews, and more information about the driver platform. If you experienced an issue as a driver, you can simply click ‘Trips and Fare Review’ and choose the best answer from the options.

Uber has created a streamlined feedback system, which is both comprehensive and intuitive for when you are out on the road.

3. Uber Help Portal

Whether you are a driver or a rider, one of the most direct ways to access customer support is through the Uber Help Portal at Here, you will find a ton of answers to frequently asked questions, from signing up, lost and found, payment, changing passwords, and much more.

The information on the portal is generally basic, so expect cookie-cutter answers. However, information is personalized by each city, which helps to refine answers to those in the same areas with similar issues.

4. Email Uber

While the first three methods to contacting Uber are by far the easiest and most efficient, there have been many people that have found better luck by emailing an Uber support representative.

Back in the first days of Uber, you could simply shoot an email to, where it would be filtered through their system as your request bounced from one rep to another. When your email landed in the right inbox, you would then receive an answer, but it was likely very canned and copied right from the help portal.

Hard to believe this was the best way to contact Uber back then, right? As you can probably tell, with Uber growing at continuously astonishing rates, email just isn’t as feasible anymore.

You can still contact Uber through email, but it’s more challenging and requires more than just hitting the send button. You have to now sign into your account, select a trip you had issues with, then explain the issue.

Email Uber at

5. Uber Greenlight Hub

Greenlight Hubs are partner offices, which are fantastic opportunities to get support from Uber in person from actual Uber employees. Pretty cool, right? As a driver, this can be a gold-mine of a resource when all you want to do is get back on the road and turn those hours into money!

Whether your vehicle needs an inspection, have questions about documentation, or wish to voice other concerns, the staff at Uber help to maintain a bunch of local offices that can help you get back out there and make more cash.

However, there is a downside; inevitably, you might run into an office worker that is not qualified to resolve an issue you may have, which may require you to contact technical support that can only be accessed through the application. The Greenlight Hubs are mainly just for resolving emergencies, but can help with issues such as lost items or if you have a dispute with a driver. (Yes, riders can utilize the hubs too!)

Greenlight Hub locations vary depending on where you are located, but there are more than 650 offices worldwide.

There are a couple ways you can find your nearest hub:

  • Go to, where all you have to do is type in your address and define your search radius. This website is only available to United States residents.
  • Or, you can type “Uber Greenlight Hub” right into Google along with your city name to find relevant locations. Office hours should also be on these websites.

To assist you in further resolving issues, Uber also created an In-App Appointment feature that let’s drivers and passengers set up appointments before traveling to a Greenlight Hub near them.

However, this feature is currently only available in Los Angeles and New York City. (kinda a bummer.) Eventually, they do plan to expand this feature to the rest of the world throughout summer 2019, but time will tell to see how widespread this effort shall be.

If you wish to set up an appointment:

  1. Log into Uber
  2. Click “Visit Us In Person”
  3. Select the most convenient location to you
  4. Pick a date and time
  5. Click “Schedule” to confirm

6. Social Media

Just like its competitors, Uber does have a presence on social media. It is a fantastic way to receive up to date rideshare news and to get your complaints out there about the Uber platform. Remember to keep in mind that their socials are a less reliable source for one-on-one support, however.

Social media is a great method to stay in the know about Uber and learn things that you wouldn’t normally find out through the application or help portal, such as opportunities for discounts, surge pricing, etc.

Here are the links to Uber’s currently maintained social media accounts:

  • Facebook
    • Great source for general information and updates
    • You can contact Uber through Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter
    • Send direct messages for assistance

Social media, however, is not the best way to get in touch with representatives at Uber, although it can be a good last ditch effort to communicate with them. Just keep in mind that there are no guarantees that a page manager will respond or even see your message to be able to assist you. And if they do respond, it isn’t near as efficient as if you contacted them by phone or through the in-app support.

Get Support on Social Media

Contacting Uber Frequently Asked Questions

Before we wrap up this in-depth guide on how to get in touch with Uber support, we would like to answer some commonly asked questions that both drivers and passengers have about contacting Uber.

Does Uber have an email address dedicated to customer support?

Unfortunately, no. They used to have an email address that drivers and Uber customers could use to bring up issues, but in favor of in-app support, it was discontinued. If you find information out there to the contrary, it is now out of date.

Are there Uber customer service positions available in my area?

Possibly! It depends on the city you reside in. Job opening at Uber come around all the time, especially as the company continues to expand into new markets and as their needs increase in support operations.

Phone support positions are usually only in cities where Uber has call centers, which are in Phoenix and Chicago. These jobs help with inbound call support requests and customers with emergent issues.

As for other related positions, you can seek Uber jobs through job boards, such as Glassdoor or Indeed. Simply type in your city along with an Uber position that you are interested in.

Where can I send complaints about my Uber service?

We do not advice using the support phone number for complaints unless they are emergent or using social media as it can take forever to resolve your complaint.

Your best bet is using the support feature that is right within the Uber application.

Get the Support You Need (and Deserve)

One of the cons with Uber’s quick expansion is their lack of effort to provide quality support and customer service to users. Thankfully, as you have read, there are still many options to get in touch with Uber to resolve problems and have your questions answered in a timely fashion.

To recap:

● Call (800) 353-8237 - for emergencies only!
● Use the support features in the partner and rider applications
● Visit the Uber Help Portal
● Email Uber customer service
● Find a local Uber office
● Reach out to Uber via Facebook and Twitter

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