How to Retroactively Apply an Uber Referral Code

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Wondering if you can apply an Uber referral code retroactively and still receive your referral reward?

I have good news for you, you can!

According to Uber, "If a referral code was not successful when you first signed up, we will still honor the promotion if you provide us with your friend's information within 7 days of completing the required number of trips."

There are two important things to know about this:

  1. The referral award amount depends on the city you will be driving in and the current Uber promo (how many rides you have to do to get the bonus). We always recommend shooting Uber a quick message to find this out.
  2. This rule excludes all New York City partners. If you're a New York City partner, you must visit a New York City Greenlight Hub to add a referral retroactively.

How to Retroactively Apply an Uber Referral Code

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How to Retroactively Apply an Uber Referral Code

The fastest way is to message Uber right online.

Invited Driver - Report my Missing or Incorrect Driver Referral

Let them know you signed up but “forgot to enter my code (UBER94UND) and want to confirm the bonus.”

Use the info below as a guide.


Report my Missing or Incorrect Driver Referral

Your Other Option is to Visit a Greenlight Location Near You

An Uber Greenlight Hub is a physical Uber office you can go to in person to get any issues you may have resolved quickly. Not all cities have these offices but you can check to see if your city offers them by doing the following:

1. Go to and make sure your city is selected in the top right hand corner.


Uber Driver San Diego


2. Select “Partner” in the menu, enter in "Greenlight Hub," and hit the green "Search" button.


Uber Help - Greenlight Hub for Uber Partners


3. An article called “Getting in-person activation and support help” should appear in the search results. This page typically contains Greenlight Hub information for your city.


Getting In-Person Activation and Support Help with Uber


4. Check to see when their office hours are and head over to the physical office during those times. No appointment is needed.

5. When you get there, Uber Experts can manually add the Uber referral bonus code for you, as long as it is within 7 days of becoming active. After that, they won’t be able to help you so make sure you get this done ASAP!

Also, be sure to bring my Uber contact information with you!

Name: Tara Tierney
Phone number: 508-965-6923
Referral code: UBER94UND


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