Keeping Your Car Rideshare Fresh

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One of the biggest things you can do to hurt your chances of being a successful rideshare driver is having a dirty car. If you are someone that:

  • Hoards food wrappers in the pocket of their doors
  • Isn’t worried about stained seats
  • Drives around a vehicle that smells like something died
  • Never treats their car to a trip to the carwash
  • Fails to take pride in their metal babe but expects it to make them more than chump change…

Then we need to get you fixed up with a better ride! No, this doesn’t mean keeping your current car parked in the driveway to gather more grit and grime and rent a new, cleaner car. There are many ways to get your dirty 4-wheel beauty to smell and look rideshare fresh!

Keeping Your Car Rideshare Fresh - PIN

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14 Car Cleaning Hacks from a Seasoned Rideshare Pro

I am shamelessly OCD when it comes to keeping both my living space and car clean. But there were a few genius hacks I learned during my rideshare days that I want to pass down to you!

1. Use hair conditioner to wash your car!

Hair conditioners contain lanolin, which is a type of wax, which is a cheap alternative to getting your car to shine.

2. Use a coffee filter to wipe the interior of your car.

Coffee filters are cheap and created from lint-free paper, which is ideal for that hard-to-clean dust.

3. Use cooking spray to rid your front end of bug guts.

Simply apply cooking spray to your bumper and grill and wipe off with a clean cloth.

Or, you can also use dryer sheets!

4. Use rubbing alcohol on your wiper blades.

To prevent those annoying smears that your wiper blades make on your front and back windshield, clean them with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol.

5. To get rid of years of grime from your headlights, get yourself some baking soda based toothpaste.

Just squeeze some toothpaste with baking soda onto a clean rag and rub over headlights. The texture acts as an abrasive to buff the grime away. Rinse with water and WA-LAH!

6. Use a foam craft brush to dust the hard-to-reach vents in your car.

Seriously, stock up on some foam craft brushes for yourself because they are the perfect size!

Or, you can simply use a can of compressed air to do the trick.

7. Don’t waste your money on expensive air fresheners.

Apply a few drops of your favorite smelling essential oil to a clothespin and stick it on your car vents.

8. Or, if you are not an essential oil fan, don’t throw out those pineapple skins.

Add them to a Ziploc baggie with a few holes and tuck under your seat.

9. You can magically clean cupholders with an old sock, some window cleaner, and a travel cup!

Place the sock over the bottom of your travel cup, spray down with your window cleaner and twist in cupholders to remove dirt like a pro!

10. Remove dirt from the seams of your seats with an old toothbrush.

11. Use a flathead screwdriver and a clean cloth to clean out all those small crevices.

12. Use Vaseline to condition your car’s dashboard.

Wipe off any dust and then rub a tiny bit of Vaseline. Make sure to wipe off excess with a clean rag.

13. Use baby wipes to clean all the windows of your vehicle.

You can store the baby wipes in your glove compartment!

14. Place a few of your favorite smelling wax cubes into a jar and poke holes in the lid.

When your car heats up, it melts the wax and provides a cheaper alternative to an air freshener.

Must-Have Products for a Clean Rideshare Car

During the few years I was an Uber driver, I discovered and fell in love with the following products that not only made my life simpler and more pleasant during those long hours of driving, but helped to boost my rating as a driver and earn me more moo-lah too!

  • This Car Vacuum Cleaner gave me the freedom to clean up any messes that occurred during my rideshare shift. I was tired of spending excess money at those coin-operated vacuum cleaners or attempting to pull my car as close to my house as I could, so I got me one of these puppies!

  • That gap in-between the front seats can be a source of embarrassment and a waste of time if you must fish a passenger’s phone or keys from it. Thankfully, this Seat Gap Filler eliminated this issue and gave passengers another place to safely store their belongings.

  • Another go-to product I came across were these Dash Grip Pads that allowed myself and passengers to place their phones, change, and other mismatched items.

  • One of the biggest issues as a driver, in general, is where to put trash. That is when a Car Trash Can comes in handy so that passengers don’t feel weird about leaving garbage in your car.

  • A huge pet-peeve of mine is seeing driver’s reach for their glove compartment just to witness papers fly everywhere. Makes me That is why I recommend keeping your important documents that need to stay in your car in a Glove Box Organizer.

I hope that these hacks and this group of must-try products help you to maintain that 5-star rating you have gained! A clean car is a successful vessel to rideshare success!

Keeping Your Car Rideshare Fresh

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