The Most Common Mistake You Can Make as an UberEats Driver

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Thanks to the internet, I am blessed to have friends in places all around the world.

I myself have never driven for UberEats, but I know many folks that are employed with the UberEats program that have made quite a bit of extra money driving and delivering food to people’s doors in their neighborhood.

The Most Common Mistake You Can Make as an UberEats Driver

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As a beginner driver with UberEats, you tend to be excited, naturally, of course! It is awesome thinking you can make money on your own schedule delivering customer’s orders and bringing them to their door.


• Do you find that you are spending more than you are making?
• Do you feel you are waiting around for delivery notifications?
• Do you have an overwhelming feeling of frustration when your shift is over?
• Are you working your tail off and not balancing out your income with UberEats?

If any or all these apply to you as an UberEats driver, there is one mistake you are making that is fueling these issues!

The Number One UberEats Mistake is Simple…

Stop accepting every single delivery opportunity that UberEats gives you!

Many new drivers that I have spoken to have all have the same common theme of accepting all the deliveries that come their way. Well, there are a few issues with this method…

1. You are wasting gas
2. You are wasting your time
3. You are killing off many profit opportunities

Many that start off with Ubereats are naturally going to accept all deliveries, but fail to see how far away deliveries can be from one another. For instance, you might have a delivery to make just a mile from where you live, but then you accept one that is an hour away from home. The money you make for that delivery will probably be enough to pay for your gas. This means you are making zilch, which defeats the entire purpose of this driving side gig.

You are supposed to be driving to thrive!

So, How can UberEats Newbies Combat This?

Simply decline delivery opportunities through the application. It is that simple.

You will get kicked off the application, but just log back in and keep declining until a reasonable delivery comes up.

I know what you might be thinking: “Won’t this hurt my driver rating?”

Well, in the past, acceptance rates used to be vital for your success with UberEats. Now, acceptance rating for UberEats are dead, which means you can decline as many requests that UberEats gives you.

Another huge tip that can help you be a prosperous UberEats driver is to learn where the “hotspots” are in your town.

Your starting location is essential when finding reasonable deliveries that you can accept. Simply go to an area in your city that has multiple UberEats restaurants around, such as a plaza, and simply be patient and sit there until you get a request near your location.

Be prepared to wait for the restaurant to finish creating the order because you get there so efficiently!

This method saves you time, gas, and mileage on your vehicle. It is all about being strategic.

As a beginner, you will need to be willing to drive around for a few shifts to discover what restaurants and areas are hotspots. Once you are knowledgeable, you can then create an efficient route that earns you a nice chunk of cash!


• Cancel difficult orders and move onto the next
• Don’t accept every single order
• Only accept orders that are in reason
• Don’t be a habitual canceller
• Discover the hot spots in your area
• Start from a strategic starting location

The Most Common Mistake You Can Make as an UberEats Driver

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