Must-Have Phone Apps for Rideshare Drivers 2019

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Must Have Phone Apps for Rideshare Drivers - PIN

As a rideshare driver, you know that the profits you make from driving rideshare greatly depend on becoming a master at efficiency.

The two biggest problem areas that many drivers struggle with in terms of being efficient are money and time management. (Two things in life we just never have enough of, am I right?!)

Improving money and time management is difficult, especially when you fall into a routine that is easier to abide by and challenging to change. But, thanks to continuing advancements in mobile technology, there are many great apps for you to aid in becoming a more proficient rideshare driver.

No need to lose hope, time, or money if you have these essential apps at the touch of a button! Let’s get ready to achieve your rideshare goals and maximize your efficiency, shall we?

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Airport Schedules
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Must-Have Phone Apps for Rideshare Drivers 2019

Airport Scheduling Apps

Airports are major travel hubs, which makes them a huge money-making opportunity as a rideshare driver. Seriously... if you’re ready to work hard for that money, airports will always supply you with an endless amount of fares.

There is, however, a bit of a catch: you must be present at the airport at just the right times to catch these waves of potential passengers, which is where airport scheduling apps come in handy.

FlightView (Free)

The FlightView app provides drivers with parking availability, flight tracking, and updates on weather delays. The parking availability feature can help you find a prime location to wait as passengers depart.

Flightstats (Free)

The Flightstats app provides updates in real-time on all departing and incoming flights, which can help ensure you’re at the airport when planes land. It’s another good app to check on the weather, too!

FlightStats App

Driver Apps

App developers have certainly noticed a gap in the market regarding apps that are driver-focused. These are our favorite applications that were created especially for us drivers:

Mystro (Prices vary)

If you’re a rideshare driver that operates between multiple rideshare companies simultaneously, then you’ll find this Android-only app quite handy! It’s focused on these drivers to ensure they make the most money they can per hour by always having a paying passenger queued in the same area.

Mystro does charge a small fee to use their automated software, but since we're all about helping you gain efficiency, we'd say it's worth the investment!

  • Annual – $99.95 per year
  • Monthly – $11.95 per month
  • Per Use – $.20 per ride

SherpaShare ($5.99/month)

SherpaShare has been named the “Ultimate Rideshare Driver Assistant”, and for good reason! It provides many functions that drivers need, such as:

  • Chat between rideshare drivers
  • Mileage tracking
  • Expense tracking

SherpaShare App

Gridwise (Free)

Dubbed as the “#1 Assistant for Rideshare Drivers”, Gridwise is a powerful app that, on average, helps drivers boost their earnings by 39%!

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering questions such as "What's the best time to drive today?", "Where I should drive to next?", "When are the big events are ending?", etc., then this app is the motherload.

Gridwise not only helps drivers stay busy but it also helps eliminate their downtime by finding the locations of popular events, tracking airport activity, informing them where other drivers are located, helping them with their taxes at the end of the year, and analyzing their overall performance.

Gridwise App

Finance Apps

As a rideshare driver, you are self-employed, which means that you are in charge of tracking all your expenses related to your side hustle. This can be difficult, especially when you don’t make tracking expenses a policy. To ensure the IRS stays off your back and to make the process easier, we suggest these apps:

Wave (Free)

If you’re a penny-pincher, the Wave app is for you! It’s a great (and free!) QuickBooks alternative. It offers ways to track business expenses via your bank account and receipt imaging. If you need payroll or invoicing services, they offer these too, but these are paid services.

Wave App

QuickBooks Self-Employed ($10/month)

QuickBooks is the king of accounting software, which is why it’s a go-to option for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to its ever-growing popularity, the creators have made a light version for self-employed hustlers that is even designed for mobile users. There’s a small monthly fee, but it’s well worth it when April rolls around.

Quickbooks App

Gas Apps

Gas is essentially liquid gold these days, which makes it one of the pricey expenses for rideshare drivers. There is one app in particular that we love oh so dearly that helps drivers grab a gas at the lowest possible prices available in their area!

GasBuddy (Free)

If you’re a driver on a tight budget, you no longer have to drive miles across town to compare gas prices thanks to GasBuddy. A crowd-sourced informational app, gas prices from varied locations are uploaded regularly to the app database. The app then takes all the hard work out of finding the best prices for you so that you can rest assured that you’re getting the best bang for your buck!

Gasbuddy App

Mileage Apps

Keeping tally of how many miles you drive beyond what rideshare companies cover is a real pain in the... well, you know. Those additional miles can add up fast.

It's important to properly track your mileage as these numbers can be put towards your tax deductions at the end of the year. In order to benefit from this privilege, you must record the distance you travel every day throughout the year.

A deduction of $0.54 a mile can be included when you file your taxes - and that can add up to a lot of moo-lah that you could potentially miss out on. In fact, drivers that do track mileage have reported a healthy tax return thanks to this deduction alone, so it's definitely worth taking the time to do!

Here are our favorite apps to take advantage of this deduction for the next tax season:

Stride Tax (Free)

Turn on Stride Tax to run in the background of your phone when you head to your first ride of the day. This free application not only tracks the miles you travel but shows how much money you can expect via that deduction.

Rideshare drivers can track any expenses that are business related, in which Stride Tax will do the heavy lifting and total those amounts for you. It also finds other deductions too, which is quite the bonus. When you’re ready to file, you can receive an IRS summary of total miles and expenses, which makes it super simple to file a spot-on return.

StrideTax App

Hurdlr (Basic-Free | Premium-$7.99/month)

Hurdlr was created especially for those who are self-employed and is very similar to Stride Tax. You can track mileage and expenses while receiving deduction estimates in real-time. However, Hurdlr has many additional features that are meant more for those in the rideshare biz.

These extra services are but aren’t limited to monitoring of bank account(s) and invoicing. As you can imagine, these additional features are not for everyone.

Hurdlr Mileage Tracker App

MileIQ (40 drives/month-Free | Premium-$5.99/month)

MileIQ is another app that helps drivers to track their mileage, but with some key differences that sets it apart.

This app provides its users with a weekly detailed report that lists descriptions you can customize to ensure you remain organized throughout the year.

MileIQ App

Triplog (Free)

The Triplog application has had varying reports from drivers with some saying it’s not as streamlined as the other alternatives, while others like the array of options to track mileage, such as plugging your phone into a car power outlet. Plus, it’s free - so you can’t beat that.

Get 20% off with our referral code: 285011

Triplog App

Music Apps

One of the best ways to improve your odds of receiving tips from your passengers is to play music, which makes the riding experience more comfortable. Great, upbeat tunes can help your passengers to get into a positive mood that can fight away the feelings of irritation due to traffic or other factors.

And songs can bring up band and concert stories with ease, making it very easy to strike up a good conversation that can transform your 3-star rating into a 5-star glowing review.

Ensure your car is equipped with an aux cord long enough to reach into the backseat and start jamming with the help of these awesome apps:

Pandora (Free | $3.99/month for no ads)

If you’re a fan of radio, Pandora successfully delivers great tunes without fiddling with those knobs. Users can pick their favorite songs or even type in a song name to get a different vibe going on their ride. You can create your very own stations that will play music based on past music preferences.

You can utilize Pandora for free, but if you really hate ads, you can be free from them for just $3.99 per month.

Pandora App

Spotify (Free | Premium-$9.99/month)

The Spotify app is highly rated by many rideshare drivers and passengers. Users can make their own playlists based on their music preferences, as well as listen to tons of brand new tunes right when they’re released. Plus, the app has songs that are pre-generated to better compliment the mood of your passengers.

If you’re a driver that finds themselves going over their data cap, you may want to think about upgrading to the premium feature, which allows for Spotify to play even when offline. Download playlists customized for you right on your device! Doing this saves your data plan each month while keeping your passengers happy.

Spotify App

Soundcloud (Free | No ads-$9.99/month)

If you’re a fan of music that has not become mainstream just yet, then you should definitely check out Soundcloud. It’s a very popular place that new artists reside to also host live shows, which is a good change from the typical music listening experience.

You can use it completely free if you don’t mind ads and just for $9.99 per month if you really like the app and wish to go ad-free.

Soundcloud App


Navigation Apps

Waze (Free)

Waze is a free app that has a big reputation of being the largest community-based navigation and traffic reporting app in the world. It shows real-time road conditions, such as law enforcement locations, road hazards, and accidents, which is really handy information as a rideshare driver. Waze is always updating their application with new features to help drivers earn the best payday they can!

If that wasn’t awesome enough, Waze also includes where to find the cheapest gas prices in your location, which can help keep more of that hard-earned money in your pocket, which makes this 100% free app an ideal navigation tool.

Waze App

Google Maps (Free)

If for some reason you aren’t a fan of Waze, then you can stick to Google Maps, which is more of a traditional GPS map. It’s readily available and reliable, showing you an array of routes that are based on the estimated time of arrival.

Unlike Waze, however, Google Maps can be slow on road and traffic reporting, since there is not an active community powering it in the background. But, again, you can’t beat free.

Google Maps App

Passenger Apps

A neat little trick I discovered throughout my years as a rideshare driver is to not only have the driver apps downloaded to your phone, but the rider apps too. This can be a great way to see the best locations to drive to earn more money.

Uber & Lyft Passenger App (Free)

If you want to see locations where other rideshare drivers are, you can simply open up the Uber passenger app or the Lyft passenger app. Your chances of getting more rides are way less if you are located within a sea of other drivers competing for pickups. So, head to another part of your city where there aren’t as many or any!


Uber Passenger App


Lyft Passenger App

Roadside Assistance Apps

Inevitably as a full-time rideshare driver, you’re bound to need roadside assistance, most likely in the worst of circumstances. Here are our favorite apps that can help you handle these ordeals with less stress when they do happen:

Honk (Free)

Honk is a free application that offers 24/7 roadside assistance to rideshare drivers. For issues such as a flat tire, for instance, you can expect help within 30 minutes. If something a bit worse happens, Honk even has their own towing service to tote your car safely off the road.

While they don’t require membership fees, they offer packages starting at $49.

Honk App

Urgently (Free)

The Urgently app has been named the “ Uber of roadside assistance”, and for good reason! They provide drivers with many useful services, such as fuel assistance and lock-out service.

The app is free and they have an upfront flat-rate fee with no annual charges or membership fee required.

Urgently App

Weather Apps

Another amazing way to boost your earnings as a rideshare driver is to keep an eye on bad weather heading to your area. When Mother Nature is conducting her wrath, people don’t want to ride their bikes or take a stroll, and often request a ride. As you can imagine, this can be very lucrative, especially during Surge times.

Weather Underground (Free)

The Weather Underground app is easy to use with a streamlined interface that informs users of up-to-date weather information. It also plans out the week ahead, providing a 10-day forecast to help you create your rideshare schedule with accuracy.

Weather Underground App

Accuweather (Free)

Accuweather is another popular weather application among the rideshare community. Users can check many metrics, from temperature to allergen levels. It also is known for offering one of the best and most accurate extended forecasts in the meteorology world.

AccuWeather App

Rideshare Phone Apps

In Conclusion

Optimizing the pickup of passengers, finding cheaper gas prices, and tracking mileage are some of the best ways you can increase your weekly rideshare earnings.

We hope that these apps will help keep you safe behind the wheels while you maximize your paycheck and enjoy some great tunes along the way.

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