New Features of the Postmates Fleet App That will Help You Make Money Faster

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Like most apps, Postmates is constantly updating their Fleet app with new features in order to make it more user-friendly. They strive to make their app as efficient and easy-to-use as possible so that it's users can make money faster.

Below are three recently-added features of the Postmates Fleet app and how these features can help you get the most out of your Postmates driving!

New features of the Postmates app that will help you make money faster

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1. Automatic Accept

When you’re driving for Postmates during busy times, you may get an offer for another delivery as you reach the address of your current customer. Having a new delivery lined up before you’ve finished your current one is the best way to keep making money since you don’t have to wait between deliveries for more to come in.

The Fleet app now gives you the option to automatically accept new deliveries, so that as soon as you’re done with your current drop-off, you can be off to the next merchant! You can activate this feature in the “Preferences” tab of the app.

Keep in mind, this does take some of the choices out of which deliveries you take, but if your goal is to make money as quickly as possible, it’s a good way to go! 

2. Batched Deliveries

Postmates has realized that sending two different couriers to the same merchant for deliveries is less than efficient, so now you might get deliveries for more than one customer on a trip! This won’t ever come as a surprise, as the app will tell you when it offers you the delivery that you’ll be picking up two orders.

This is a good way to make money faster, as you’ll get a dollar for the pick-up and a dollar for each of the orders you drop off, plus however much you’re owed for driving mileage and wait time. Postmates tries to make these efficient, so the drop-offs are often close to each other as well, which makes them quick and easy!

3. Chained Deliveries

This feature of the app is the newest and was just rolled out in January. Its concept is similar to batched deliveries, except now you can add an extra stop on your delivery route to pick up an order at another merchant. So, for example, if two restaurants next door to each other each need a courier, you can pick up both!

Again, this helps you make more money, as you get paid for the pick-ups and for the drop-offs! This also isn’t an automatic thing; the Fleet app will prompt you to add the second delivery to your route, so if it seems inefficient or inconvenient, you will be able to reject it.

How to make more money with Postmates

It can sometimes be tedious to be a courier driver, especially when you’re going back and forth across town to the same places over and over again. It can also feel like you’re using more gas than it’s worth, and no one likes to feel like they’re wasting a lot of time!

Postmates is doing their best to streamline the process the best they can, to make it easier for you to make more money, which will also help them make more money. So make sure to make use of all the new features meant to keep you earning!

Good luck and happy delivering!

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