Postmates Fleet App Updates – March 2018

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As pretty much anyone with a smartphone knows, most companies periodically make updates to their apps. This is usually to smooth out any bug issues but also to make the interface as user-friendly as possible. And Fleet by Postmates is no different.

In mid-March, Postmates made a major update to their Fleet app. While many things about the app look and function the same, there are a few new features they've added to help Couriers make more money with fewer hassles.

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Postmates Fleet App Update

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1. Map

The Postmates map has always been notoriously difficult to follow.

The orientation of the map would never seem to change as you moved or even change directions, which meant it wasn't always clear which way you needed to go to get to your destination.

Even more annoying, there has always been a button to open the navigation in Google Maps, but it always set your destination to coordinates instead of an actual address! You can imagine how difficult this would make it to find a place you’re looking for.

Now Fleet has finally given us drivers the option of setting Google Maps as our navigation of choice! If you'd like to set this in your own app, you can find this option under Preferences.

2. Up Next Screen

This new feature allows you to actually see what your next stops are ahead of time, which is especially ideal for when you’re doing chain or batch deliveries.

Having an idea of where you need to go next helps you stay on-task so you can get through your deliveries as efficiently as possible with the fewest possible delays.

You can find this feature if you click the “Go Online” button while you’re on a delivery.

3. Shopping List and Unavailable Options

One type of delivery you might accept is a trip to the grocery store.

This can be fun if you like going to the grocery store (which I certainly do), but they can also be incredibly time-consuming and a bit frustrating, especially if the customer wants difficult-to-find items or the store doesn’t have the items they are looking for.

On the flipside, considering that tip percentages are based on the delivery fee and the price of the order, they can be really, really lucrative!

The design of this kind of order page has been historically clunky, with lots of buttons you have to make sure you push before you can complete the pick-up. These are often tedious and unintuitive steps to complete, not to mention the problems you'll run into if the store doesn’t have the items you need, which requires a call to the customer to see if they want something else.

Postmates has streamlined this process, making the shopping list an easy matter of checking things off, and we all know how gratifying it is to check something off a grocery list!

Similarly, they’ve made it easier to mark something as unavailable, so that you don’t waste time and energy trying to clear things up with a customer if the store doesn’t have what they’re looking for.

This is great for both Postmates and their Fleet as it means people may stop avoiding these kinds of deliveries. Since the process will be streamlined and efficient, the couriers will have an easier time completing these deliveries while also making sure the customer is happy with their order.

Postmate Courier App Update

4. Deposits and Payout Notifications

While the Deposits page still shows the bulk amount you made in a day and that it was then transferred to your account, the interface is slightly different.

Now there is a completely separate section to show your pending transactions so you know what’s already hit your bank account and what you can still expect.

Similarly, the page now lists your total earnings since you started driving for Postmates and the number of deliveries you’ve done. It’s a good way to tell the breakdown of your earnings and how much you make per delivery.

The Fleet app also gives payout notifications now! So when you’re expecting a great payout from that day you did 20 deliveries, you don’t have to keep checking back in the app (like I do whenever I’m hoping to get a little extra money) to see if it’s gone through! What could be better than a notification telling you that you've got money coming in?

Postmates wants its Fleet app to be as user-friendly and efficient as possible and that’s obvious from how much it’s changed even over the past year (I remember when you had to press a button to say you dropped off the food to the customer and had to swipe across the screen to complete the delivery!)

Postmates takes bigger steps with every update to help streamline the process, from accepting orders to completing them. As couriers give their feedback, the app continues to improve, and making money through Postmates gets easier and easier!

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