Postmates is Now Offering Guaranteed Payouts

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Postmates really, really, really wants to get couriers out on the road and making deliveries. And as demand soars, so does their need for more couriers doing more deliveries each week, especially on the weekends.

What’s the best way for them to incentivize couriers to get online and start making deliveries?

Easy! By offering them more money!

Postmates is now offering guaranteed payouts

Postmates has had a pretty solid referral program for a while. If you’re already driving for Postmates, you can sometimes make up to $75 just for getting your friends to sign up.

And if you’re not driving yet, you should definitely make sure to use a referral code because Postmates usually offers a bonus for new drivers too! All you have to do is complete a set minimum number (usually 30) of deliveries in a week, and they throw that bonus in along with your delivery payouts! Not only have you started a lucrative new side hustle and made some cash on your own but Postmates is rewarding you for just being here!

But the powers that be also know when they need people on the road, especially on weekends and especially times with holidays or special events. Is there a big-time convention in your city? Does St. Patrick’s Day fall on a Saturday this year? Chances are, Postmates orders are going to skyrocket, and they need as many couriers as possible out on the road, making sure that those orders are being picked up and delivered in as timely a manner as possible.

Of course, they have Blitz at any busy time, allowing you to make a little extra cash per delivery, with delivery payouts sometimes twice what they would normally be. But recently, they’ve added a new option as well: Guaranteed Payouts!

The idea is pretty simple. Postmates wants you to get online, so you’ll get a notification to your phone or an email to the address that you have registered with Postmates, offering you a chance to earn a minimum amount of money if you get on the road and start driving. I’ve seen this minimum amount vary between $50 and $225, so you can definitely make a lot of money driving during these times!

There are usually stipulations. You have to do a certain number of deliveries, usually between 10 and 50, in a given amount of time. If the time frame in question is short, say between 5:00 and 10:00 on a Saturday, the guaranteed payout probably won’t be more than $50. But if it’s between, say, Saturday at 12:01 AM and Sunday at 11:59 PM, and the delivery minimum is 50 deliveries? You’re going to see a guaranteed payout of at least $100, usually much more.

The best part of this is that the money is, as it says in the name, guaranteed. If you do 15 deliveries, with a minimum payout of $75, but only make $60? Postmates will pay you the difference! You’ll see that payout reflected in your Postmates account in a matter of days (it usually takes them 48 hours to process your deliveries). You don’t have to do anything to show them that you did the deliveries or to prove to them that you deserve the money. They’ll just give it to you.

When Postmates is making it so easy to sign up to become a courier, and are offering so many opportunities to make crazy amounts of money in a pretty small amount of time, the only question that remains is: Why haven’t you signed up yet?!

Sign up for Postmates and earn a referral bonus!

* IMPORTANT: You may be confused why the email ( shows up in the email field, but it's important to leave this here as this is how you'll be able to receive your bonus. Postmates automatically applies this referral email to your application at signup.

You can double-check the address field at the top of your browser to make sure it says this:


Then click "Get Started."

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