Pro Tips for 5 Star Trips

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Becoming a driver for any rideshare service is very simple, but maintaining a picturesque image as a pro driver can be a challenging task for both newbies and veterans.

If you have plans to drive for Uber, Lyft, or any other similar rideshare companies, your number one priority is to maintain the high expectations of your customers to continually receive 5-star ratings.

Pro Tips for 5 Star Trips

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How the 5-Star Rating System Works

After each ride, the passenger is asked to rate their driver from 1 to 5 stars. All rideshare companies aim to give their customers a flawless experience with professional service. This means that receiving anything less than a perfect score could greatly impact how long you will be able to drive for any rideshare company.

The higher the rating of stars, the more rewards rideshare drivers get in return and the better their side-gig becomes. So, you obviously want to do everything in your power to keep up that 5.0!

Minimal standards for driver ratings vary from location to location. For instance, Uber drivers in the state of Ohio must maintain a 4.5-star rating or higher to keep their driving account in good standing.

The Affect of Poor Ratings

Sorry to inform you, but a 4.6-star rating is not something to brag about. You are labeled as “okay” if you have this rating. If you find that your ratings are falling at 4.6 or below on average, your rideshare account can be deactivated.

Here are a few things to pay attention to that are common causes of poor star ratings:

  • Asking for tips indirectly
  • A messy car, both inside and out
  • Talking too much or not talking enough
  • Making phone calls
  • Putting yourself first
  • Beginning and ending your trip late
  • Reckless driving

So, how can you improve your ratings when your account is at risk? It’s simple! Do everything you can to gain that 5-star traction that all rideshare drivers need to succeed!

Common Causes of Poor Star Ratings Driving for a Rideshare Gig

Practice the “Do’s” of Rideshare Driving

A huge problem I see when it comes to side hustles like rideshare driving is that people fail to see their side-gigs as a business.

Some of the following methods to maintain a 5-star rating require you to invest a bit of your own money upfront. But hey, that little bit of change could earn you much bigger rewards and more money in the long run!

  • Take the passenger’s preferred route
  • Ask your passenger what music they like to listen to
  • Assist passengers with loading their luggage
  • Have a positive attitude, no matter what comes up on your trip
  • Keep your car clean and in good condition, both inside and out
  • Know how to navigate your city
  • Be punctual
  • Ensure you pick up the correct passenger(s)
  • Have a phone charger ready for passenger(s) to use
  • Offer your passengers water, gum, mints, candy, etc.

Avoid the Don’ts of Rideshare Driving

The number one thing that I grade rideshare drivers for personally is their attitude. If they are blatantly asking and begging me for a tip, they just aren’t receiving one from me!

Here are some other things to never do as a rideshare driver if you don’t wish to get booted off your company’s system as an active member:

  • Again, do not ask for tips
  • Don’t talk too much
  • Don’t start the trip until your passenger gets into your vehicle
  • Don’t hold your phone or other mobile devices while driving
  • Obey traffic laws
  • Don’t make phone calls or text while driving
  • Do not exhibit those underlying road rage tendencies while on the job
  • Don’t ask or beg for a 5-star rating
  • Don’t drive with your windows rolled down

Do not exhibit road rage tendencies while rideshare driving

Maintaining 5-Star Ratings Like a Pro: TOP THREE TIPS

As an Uber Veteran myself, I drove in both small towns and bustling cities.

These are my top three tips when it comes to maintaining your 5-star rating to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck and using your valuable time the best way of driving for rideshare companies!

  1. Patience is key.
  • You will find that some customers could care less about conversing with you. Try your best to match your passenger(s) energy level
  • Never become bothered by a passenger’s attitude
  1. Step into the shoes of a customer service agent and view yourself as one each time you go out on the town to drive. If you have ever worked in the customer service industry like I had previous to Uber, then you know the impact of keeping a customer happy.
  • Call passengers by their name in a positive tone
  • Have meaningful conversations
    • What they do for a living
    • Events happening in the city
    • Weather
    • Knowledge of the city
  • Make sure to at least have water stocked in your car at all times
  1. Know the city you’re driving in I personally had a knack for knowing my way around places I didn’t know well, but some people do not have this natural gift. Ensure that your Google Maps app works or supplement navigation in your car with a map or other application.
  • Know efficient routes in the city
  • Have knowledge of the city and events happening
  • Know current topics related to the city in which you are ridesharing in

Top 3 tips for a positive rideshare driving experience

Well, there you have it! This article just touches on the topic of gaining and maintaining your 5-star rating as a rideshare driver! If anything, practice makes perfect and you will become more seasoned as a driver in your city over time. If you view it as a job where you are the boss, this helps you boost your earnings by as much as 10 to 20%!

Pro Tips for 5 Star Trips

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