Safety Tips for Female Uber Drivers

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Female Uber drivers! If you are tired of feeling on edge during your rideshare side hustle, or are considering partaking in this side gig but are feeling a bit hesitant to do so, this article will hopefully give you the boost of confidence you're looking for! I'm going to show you a few ways lady drivers can be both successful and safe!

Back when Uber was first becoming a legit way to get around, I took up this hustle and personally found it a positive experience. It was a job I could easily fit into my schedule, plus I enjoyed driving, so it was a win-win!

Residing in the north-western portion of Kansas, there were many rides that paid heftily when I had to take passengers out of city-limits to nearby towns.

While I no longer drive for Uber, I have a few great tips up my sleeve for all the hustlin’ females out there who are curious about how to make rideshare driving not so daunting and scary. (Turn off the horror music and play some catchy rock n’ roll!)

Safety Tips for Female Uber Drivers

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When it comes to any activity, I find it the best bet to be safe rather than sorry later. The same certainly goes for rideshare driving.

Below are Some Safety Tips From a Female Uber Alumni

1. Lock the Doors

When you are approaching a passenger pick-up location, lock your doors. You never know who is lurking around in your blind spots. Better yet, while you are driving, keep your doors locked, period. This will help you to feel more content as you are waiting for your next fare.

2. Turn Around and Make Eye Contact with Passengers

When you passengers get into your vehicle, make it a point to turn around, see who they are, make eye contact with them and greet them with a smile. I know I can’t drive not knowing who or what is sitting less than a foot behind me. Also, if you are super intuitive like me, you may be able to sense a shady feeling about someone once they are in your car.

Turn Around and Make Eye Contact with Passengers

3. Make Passengers Sit on Opposing Side of Back Seat

Personally, I hated when people sat right behind me, especially if it was just one passenger. To counteract this, I created a simple system that worked wonders. I made a sign that hung on the window behind the driver’s side that said, “More room on the other side.” This way, individual passengers are more apt to sit in the backseat, but not directly behind you so you can see them through your rearview mirror.

4. Peace of Mind: A Two-Way Camera

If you are like me, I didn’t have a whole lot of extra money to spend when I picked up Uber as a side hustle. But over time, I saved up enough to get a gadget that really provided me with peace of mind.

While it may seem unnecessary, get yourself a two-way camera for your car so that you can record both the front of the vehicle as well as what is happening inside. This protects you from anything that might occur and gives you, as the driver, solid evidence in the case something were to happen.

I had no idea you could literally buy peace of mind, but with this little guy, but you certainly can!


5. Drive During the Day

I must admit when I first started driving for Uber, I was greedy. I got up early and chauffeured people to work. I was waiting and driving around during the afternoons and of course, I hit up the bar-scene territories at night.

Let’s just say, I learned the hard way that drunken folks were not the best passengers. After cleaning up puke a time or two and putting up with the foul (yet slightly funny) sexual commentary, I decided to switch up my schedule to make the most of my side hustle during the daylight hours.

I am not saying women cannot drive at night, but I would definitely consider keeping most of your driving to daytime only, just to play it safe!

6. Pay Attention to Passenger Star Ratings

Before you bother foregoing a pick-up, take a sincere look at the star rating that passenger has. If it is wildly low, skip over that fare and wait for the next one. You will thank me, I promise. There is a reason that their overall score doesn’t look enticing.

7. Carry Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is easy to use and causes minimal damage. Plus, this is a weapon that is easy to access!

That being said, what is a weapon to you if it’s tucked away in your car? I kept my pepper spray right in my door handle, right in arm’s reach. Thankfully, I never did have to use it!

If you decide to equip your ride with pepper spray, I recommend leaning towards pepper gel. It boasts the same protection as police grade pepper sprays, but is better for small spaces, like within your car.

8. Stay in Your Comfort Zone

While this advice will not get you far as an entrepreneur, it can really make a difference when you are driving for any rideshare company.

Along with driving during the day, staying within your comfort zone, especially in large cities, will help you to feel at ease.

Not only will you happen upon the same passenger’s multiple times, but you will know the area well, in case you ever need to escape to safety. Also, avoid places that make you feel on edge; there is a reason that you feel the way you do, trust your instincts!

9. Learn to Say No

If passengers seem too shady for your liking or get out of hand, do not be afraid to refuse or end the ride. There will also be occasions where people will ask you if you can chauffer them around during parties or events and to shut off the rideshare app. While what they are paying you might seem enticing, it is against rideshare rules and can make you end up in a situation you don’t want to be in.

10. Always Let Someone Know Where You Are

Before I started any shift for Uber, I would text a close friend that lived near me and inform them that I was headed to make some hustlin’ money. I would also call them occasionally to let them know I was A-Okay. There are also a few apps that are great for checking in, allowing you to share your location with only people that you want. These applications are typically equipped with an emergency response and crash protection in case of an accident.

Driving for Uber was one of the best side gigs I have ever taken up. If you take advantage of the busy hours during the day, keep common sense in tow, and stay consciously aware of your surroundings, I have no doubt that you and your bank account will feel fulfilled with your choice to drive for Uber!

Safety Tips for Female Uber Drivers

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