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Like most independent contractor rideshare and courier services, you can potentially make a lot of money working for Postmates. However, there is a bit of a learning curve and you can spend a lot of time grinding before realizing there are ways to make your driving more efficient.

Luckily, I’m here to help with some tips on making your deliveries as stress-free and lucrative as possible!

Tips and Tricks to Postmating - Make More Money with Less Stress!

Apply A Referral Code

If you don’t have an account yet, it’s a great idea to use a referral code to get started. Postmates usually offers a bonus for new drivers who sign up through someone else's referral code, sometimes up to $200 after a certain amount of deliveries! This is a good way to make easy money right out of the gate.

If you'd like to sign and qualify for a bonus, you can use the email as a referral code. For more info on how this works, see the Rideshare Resources page.

Prioritize Prepaid Orders

Some deliveries take less effort than others. You’re almost never going to have issues with a prepaid order; everything has been taken care of between the merchant and Postmates so all you have to do is pick up the order and drop it off. These orders are going to take less time and mean you’ll make more money, faster!

Avoid “Order When You Arrive” Merchants

Bearing in mind my last point, if you can, I recommend avoiding merchants who you know are difficult, or even those who you think might be!

Places where you have to order the food yourself simply takes longer. Despite the by-the-minute pay rate you will receive from waiting at a merchant, this still usually means you’re going to spend a lot of time on an order that might not yield much money.

The item the customer ordered might not be available, or it might take a long time to make, or there might be a long line. There could also be any number of problems with the order itself, so waiting a long time and then doing a relatively short delivery that yields you the minimum delivery rate can be a real waste of time.

Get to Know the App

Download the Postmates app! You don’t have to order anything, but check out how the menus look at various merchants and see which ones have a “free delivery” option. These are more likely to be Postmates Partners, meaning they’ll not only be prepaid but they'll also give you a good idea of which areas of town to go online in! If one neighborhood has seven or eight “free delivery” spots, they’re probably going to be hopping.

Keep an Eye Out for Hotspots

Utilize those hotspots! The Fleet app makes sure to tell you exactly which parts of your city are currently blowing up. They mark them in reds and oranges on the map and the darker the red, the busier it is!

Those are the places to hang out; there are almost always more deliveries than available couriers, and you’re going to want to get in on the action!

Go Online During Blitz Pricing Periods

The Fleet app will notify you when they have Blitz pricing going, which means you should absolutely get online when you see this notification.

Blitz pricing is Postmates’ way of getting couriers out on the road during the busiest times of the day and week. Delivery rates go up by at least 25 percent but often as much as double the original rate!

Not every delivery you do during a Blitz period will have a rate increase, but there will be a ton of deliveries during this time, so you’re going to make money, even if you don’t have a Blitz rate every time.

“Stack” Your Deliveries

Once you’re on the drop-off portion of the delivery, the app might offer you another delivery in the area. “Stacking” your deliveries like this means you’ll have less free time between deliveries.

The Fleet app has recently added an “Automatic Accept” feature, which means that while you’re on a delivery, it can automatically accept new deliveries on your behalf.

This is definitely a matter of preference; I personally like to be able to pick and choose my deliveries, but this is a good way to be efficient in your driving, especially if you’re trying to just make some extra cash in a few hours after work or on the weekends!

Streamline Your Drop-Offs

If you’re delivering to a tricky place, call or text the customer for instructions before you get there!

That part of the city with swanky condos? You know there’s a code to get in, so ask them to text it to you. That massive apartment complex with its own bodega and wine bar? Get directions to their particular building so you’re not wandering around with their food getting cold.

It makes a difference and customers appreciate it! It might not have even occurred to them that you need a little extra information!

Everyone is different and everyone’s going to have different experiences with Postmates. The experience will also change from city to city!

Learn your market, get to know the merchants in your area, and do what works best for you, with whatever your particular goals as a Postmates courier are! The very best advice I can give is to learn from your mistakes, keep in mind the things that make your job easier, listen to your favorite music in the car and you’ll feel so accomplished at the end of your drive.

Good luck!

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* IMPORTANT: You may be confused why the email ( shows up in the email field, but it's important to leave this here as this is how you'll be able to receive your bonus. Postmates automatically applies this referral email to your application at signup.

You can double-check the address field at the top of your browser to make sure it says this:


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Tips and Tricks to Postmating - Make More Money with Less Stress!

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