Top 10 Tips for Any New Uber or Lyft Driver

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If you are a new Uber or Lyft driver, we've got some tips for you to help you optimize your time on the road so that you can make the most money in the least amount of time!

Top 10 Tips for Any New Uber or Lyft Driver

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1. Sign Up for Multiple Apps

It’s good to do your research before you sign up for Lyft or Uber, but you’re really going to learn the most when you actually start driving and generating income. That’s why it’s smart to sign up for both Uber and Lyft and see what works for you best.

There are referral codes on our home page, in the sidebar and all over our blog posts for both Lyft and Uber, so be smart, sign up with a referral code and earn bonuses for both rideshare platforms! It’ll also help with getting more ride requests because you’ll be getting traffic from both apps! Learn how to drive with both apps open and you will never have a slow day.

You could even consider doing Postmates or UberEats (they are always busy on Sundays when Lyft and Uber are slow).

2. Don’t Drive Around All Day

When you’re not getting a ton of ride requests, it can be tempting to drive around until you get a request. The only thing you are doing is wasting gas. You could also be missing out on requests from that area you are leaving.

The only time it’s beneficial to drive is when you are going to a more populated area, but even I am hesitant with this. I live in a relatively small town that doesn’t get a ton of requests, and I typically wait around until I get a ride request. Often times, I will get a ride to a more populated area where I get more requests, a place where I would have liked to go anyway. So, pick a spot to park your car, and wait for the request to come (trust me, it will come).

3. Talk With Your Passengers

This is a great way to make your job easier and more enjoyable. Have you ever noticed that time flies when you are with your best friend having a great time? That’s because you aren’t thinking about the time and you are focusing on the other person and enjoying yourself.

If you have a great conversation with a passenger, a 30-minute drive can seem like nothing. On the other hand, a 30-minute drive in silence can seem like forever! Talking with passengers can also help you get tips, because people love to talk. Just make sure you focus the conversation on your passenger and not yourself!

Talk with your passengers and get more tips

4. Smile

Everybody loves a smile. When you smile at your passenger as you pick them up, it puts them at comfort and is a great first impression. It will help you get tips and it’s a great way to welcome your passengers in your car!

5. Play Music

Playing music while you drive is beneficial for a number of reasons. First, it eliminates any awkward silence that would otherwise exist in your car.

Second, it helps pass the time when you are listening to your favorite music. Studies also show that passengers prefer to listen to music in the car rather than sit in silence. Stick to music that is calm, family-friendly, and non-offensive. If your passenger requests a song, play it.

6. Aim for Tips

You’re going to make a base rate as a driver (make sure you know your rate), so in order to make good money, it’s important to focus on getting tips.

Does your passenger want to stop at Del Taco on their way home from the bar? Do it. Chances are they will tip you for it. Many times I’ve stopped for passengers because they want food and most of the time they even offer to buy me food!

I’ve never accepted the free food (because of my diet), but I’ve received a tip for it every time. Last weekend a passenger tipped me $11 cash for stopping at a Taco Bell drive-thru at around midnight and he even offered to buy me anything I want. It only took an extra 5 minutes. When you focus on tips it can double your income (literally.) There are nights where I’ve made over $100 in tips!

7. Pick the Right Times to Drive

The best times to drive are early in the weekday mornings (7am-11am), late afternoon (3pm-6pm), and then Friday and Saturday nights (10pm-3am).

I’ve also learned that Thursdays and Fridays are great days to take people to the airport who are heading off for the weekend. I’ve heard that weekend nights are the best time to receive tips because that is when people are intoxicated and generous but I’ve probably received just as great tips early in the morning taking people to the airport or just around town.

Thursdays and Fridays are great days to take people to the airport

8. Make Sure You’re Comfortable and Ready to Drive

Depending on your schedule, this one may vary. It’s best to drive when you don’t have any time constraints coming up. For me, I have a second job that starts at 12pm every day, so I only drive until about 11am to make sure I have time to get to that job. But when I get off of that job or on the weekend nights, it’s so much easier knowing I could take a passenger on an hour-long ride and not have to worry about getting back to anything. Put on some comfy clothes, grab a cup of coffee, and be ready to drive for long hours!

9. Keep Your Car Clean and Smelling Good

Give your car a nice wash every week or so (do it yourself to save money!), and vacuum out the inside. You’ll feel a lot better driving a clean car and your passengers will rate and tip you better!

10. Take Breaks Throughout Your Shift

If you don’t take breaks after every two hours or so, you’re going to get stiff, stressed, and want to stop driving. Take breaks to stretch, walk around, go to the bathroom and hangout. Your “break” only needs to be about 5-10 minutes or so, but it’ll help you drive and keep you in a good mood throughout your day.

My go-to place is Starbucks. Find yours.

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Top 10 Tips for Any New Uber or Lyft Driver

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Dylan Himmerich

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