The Top 5 Long-Term Car Rental Companies

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Whether you’re planning a long trip or are looking to drive for a rideshare company, sometimes it makes more sense to rent a car as opposed to putting wear and tear on your own personal vehicle.

But with so many car rental companies on the market, where do you even start looking?

In this article, we plan on making your search a little easier on you. Keep scrolling to explore the benefits of long-term car rentals, as well as the top five companies you can rent a car from for your rideshare gig, whether it is for a few days or months at a time.

What is a Long-Term Car Rental?

The exact definition of a long-term car rental greatly depends on the rental company you choose, but it typically refers to any rental that lasts more than 30 days. With long-term rentals, you generally receive a discount for renting a car for months at a time instead of just days or weeks.

3 Reasons to Get a Long-Term Rental

You may be wondering why someone would want to rent a vehicle long-term.

Let's go over a few of these reasons:

Car Rental Companies for Rideshare Drivers

1. You Don’t Wish To Use Your Own Car

You may not have thought about this, but getting a rental car for a cross country trip you may be planning makes a heck of a lot more sense when you consider the wear and tear and depreciation costs. While you don’t have to pay anything upfront to hop into your own car, you will have to pay more in the long run after putting all those additional miles on your vehicle.

Yes, you tend to pay more at first with a rental, but you don’t have to have the high costs of long-term use of your own car hanging over your head. Basically the longer the trip you make, the more sense it makes to get yourself a rental car.

This same idea can be applied if you are considering driving for a rideshare gig.

Don’t believe us? You can do the math yourself by checking out this driving costs guide from AAA.

2. You Cannot Use Your Own Car

If you are planning to take a roadtrip that will involve a lot of driving on dirt roads or rough terrain, you may want to consider swapping your car for an SUV or truck instead.

Alternatively, if you are planning to drive for for Uber, Lyft, or food delivery services and your car doesn't meet the requirements needed to drive, this could also be a reason for you to rent a car.

An example of this would be if you have a 2-door car but you need a 4-door car in order to meet the vehicle requirements for Uber.

In either of these situations, there are companies that provide rental cars for extended periods of time for bother personal use and ridesharing/delivery needs. We will be going over a few recommended sources for long-term rental companies a little later in this article.

3. You Do Not Own Your Own Car

If you reside in a city, you may choose to walk, bike, or take public transit as opposed to owning your own car. Although you may be saving yourself thousands of dollars a year this way, there may be situations that come up where you will need access to a car for long periods of time.

This would be a case where you would want to look into renting a car or even ordering an Uber or Lyft on demand.

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Top 5 Long-Term Car Rental Companies

There are several things to think about when you are shopping around for a car rental company:

  • The lowest daily rental costs can still add up quickly over a long-term period, which is why getting a great rate is super important.
  • Flexibility with car rentals is important as well, since most long-term car rentals tend to be one-way rentals. For example, if you drive to San Diego from Seattle but are planning to fly back, you need to make sure that the company you pick up your rental from will allow you to return your car at a San Diego location.
  • When searching for a rental to drive for rideshare or delivery purposes, you will need to ensure you the car you rent meets the requirements of the company you plan to work for.

All that being said, we have hand-selected the top five car rental companies that meet all the above criteria. Keep in mind that some companies are better for personal use, while others specialize in commercial long-term use.

No matter the case, we believe you will be able to find a rental company that suits your needs!

Rideshare Car Rentals

1. Avis

Avis is a popular car rental company that offers an enticing long-term rental deal, known as Avis Flex, which can save you 10% of monthly rentals!

Avis Flex is more appealing to many folks than the one that it’s competitor, Hertz, offers. This is because it applies to rentals even as short as one month and is much more transparent and easy to understand. This makes Avis a company worth considering on your next big trip.

2. Hertz

Another renowned rental company, Hertz offers many kinds of rental options and vehicle types to choose from. However, for this article, we will look at their Multi-Month rental. This plan gives special car rental rates for monthly rentals, with the exact rate depending on the type of vehicle you choose.

The longer you book a rental, the more you save. Another bonus is that there are no limits on mileage and one-way rental options are available for a small additional fee. To qualify for Hertz’s Multi-Month rental plan, you need to have a rental minimum of 63 days. If you plan to have a rental for a shorter time period, you will need to consider their other options, as they are likely cheaper.

3. Fair

Fair is a company that is better known for their short-term lease options than long-term rentals. There is honestly a blurred line between these two options, which is why Fair refers to their short-term leases as “the future of car ownership.”

Unlike traditional leases, Fair offers short-term leases with a low-commitment, flat monthly fee. This keeps you from being locked into a lease for years at a time, which gives you the ability to walk away from their lease at any time. You also have the freedom to switch types of vehicles at any time, which is a big perk that a typical car lease fails to offer. Even better - you can do all of this easily from your smartphone.

And for our fellow Uber drivers out there, Fair offers long-term rental solutions. However, this program is only offered in cities within the state of California, but is planning to expand to more markets as it becomes more popular. You can learn more about Fair’s long-term rental programs here.

4. Maven Gig

If you’re seeking a not-so-traditional rental company, Maven Gig is a great choice. This company focuses on people that drive for Uber, Lyft, and other gig apps who are seeking a long-term rental.

At Maven Gig, you pay a weekly rate of $189 for a small vehicle, with the rate being a bit more for larger vehicles.

Maven Gig is the perfect option for you if:

  • You do not own a car
  • Your car does not meet the requirements to drive for Uber and/or Lyft
  • You do not wish to use your own car for work-related driving or rideshare

5. Turo

Instead of choosing from the traditional world of car rentals, we highly recommend Turo, which is also known as the “Airbnb of cars”. This company allows everyday folks to list their personal vehicles on Turo’s platform. This allows car owners to earn extra cash, even while they aren’t using their car(s). This makes it way more flexible to get a rental than purchasing one at a typical company.

Turo doesn’t have any programs specifically made for long-term rentals, but many people who place their personal car on the Turo platform will provide nice discounts if they rent out their car for a month or longer. If you’re planning to take a very extended trip, you can even talk to the owner to see if they will provide you with a multi-month discount on top of other premiums.

On top of the above perks, Turo also has the following benefits:

  • Roadside assistance
  • $1 million in liability insurance protection
  • Owner can deliver their car to your office, hotel or to the airport

Recommended Car Rental Companies

Did you find a car rental company that you think would suit your needs?

We hope that this article has given you a clear insight as to the options that are out there for long-term car rental. Whether you are planning an extended vacation or looking for a great car that will help you earn additional cash as a rideshare driver, we recommend looking into our mentioned recommended rental companies!

Top 5 Long-Term Car Rental Companies for Rideshare Drivers

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