Top Three Food Delivery Services to Work for in 2019

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Are you a driver that is fed up chauffeuring unruly passengers? Perhaps it is time to think about a more laid-back driving gig, delivering hot meals to households and businesses instead!

The boom in food delivery over the past couple of years has seriously changed everything about the restaurant biz. There are tons of food delivery apps that you can pick from to work for, but which one will help you earn the most side hustle cash?

Picking a food delivery gig can be a complex endeavor. There are a slew of competing delivery businesses that do attract drivers, all while expanding their base of consumers, promising them features like order tracking in real-time and paying within the app itself.

How in the world are you supposed to choose which is best for you?

We have gathered the details, conducted research, and bring you the following guide of the top 3 food delivery apps for drivers who want to make the most bang for their buck! We shall compare pros and cons of each based on real reviews from drivers.

Keep in mind that each delivery company has their own unique set of benefits, so once you make the decision of which to sign up for and try your hand at, we recommend using an invite code. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t enjoy receiving a large signup bonus, which these codes are your ticket to getting!

Top Three Food Delivery Services to Work for in 2019 - PIN

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Everyone has heard of Uber, but some folks in smaller communities are unaware that they launched their own food delivery service in 2014, known as UberEats. One of the coolest aspects of UberEats is that it’s directly intertwined with the Uber application, which makes it an ideal choice for present Uber drivers.

UberEats Pros

  • You already have UberEats installed if you have the Uber Partner app on your device. If you want to view the delivery portion of the Uber app, simply open the menu and click on UberEats.
  • In many cities, drivers don’t have to get out of their vehicle, since customers are required to come to the curb to get their orders.
  • Recently added to Uber is the in-app tipping features, which streamlines customers to tip their drivers, because who carries wads of cash with them anymore?
  • There are no mandated requirements for drivers, which means you are allowed to work whenever you desire. Just log into the UberEats app and begin accepting orders!
  • Uber already has an enormous base of customers, UberEats is based in many cities in the U.S., as well as around the globe. This is a plus for drivers since you will likely receive more orders than other delivery apps.

UberEats Cons

  • Yes, having customers come curbside to get their orders saves time for drivers. However, it is not ideal for many customers, which can result in smaller tips.
  • Uber Eats is the only food delivery service that has vehicle requirements regarding the year of your car. If you own an older vehicle, you might not be eligible. As of March 25th, 2019, UberEats accepts drivers with vehicles 1998 and
  • One of the biggest bummers about Uber is how much the company takes out of your paycheck. Compared to other companies, Uber is known for larger service fees. In average, 25% of the delivery fee goes back to Uber, where other
    companies only take a 20% cut.
  • UberEats drivers make an average of $10 per hour, which is less than working for other delivery companies in some markets. Keep in mind this can fluctuate and differs if you are experienced or not as well.

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Postmates has been a popular delivery service since its debut in 2011. It is not only used for food deliveries, but for office supplies, groceries, and more!

Postmates has partnered with many local restaurants to help offer their customers special discounts, which has helped grow their large customer base, and making it a great delivery gig for drivers.

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Postmates Pros

  • In the app, Postmates customers are encouraged to tip with the automatic inclusion of a tip within the bill amount. Customers must go out of their way to remove their tip, which means drivers are likely to receive one after every
  • Vehicle requirements are easy to meet since Postmates didn’t start out as a rideshare application.
  • Customers that use Postmates can order more than just food, such as school/office supplies, groceries, and everything in-between. This has created a much larger pool of potential customers, ensuring drivers more work.
  • You aren’t required to drive an automobile, which means you can ride a bike or scooter in many delivery areas. This saves a ton on back-end costs that traditional delivery drivers have to stress over.
  • Postmates has an amazing referral program, which is another great avenue to earn additional cash.

Postmates Cons

  • Drivers are required to contact customers if a restaurant is out of something they ordered. This can keep drivers from being on time, and greatly reduce the number of deliveries they can complete in a day.
  • There are times when drivers are required to place an order once they arrive at the restaurant, then wait while the food is being prepared. Again, another time waster.
  • Drivers must pay for meals they pick up with a prepaid card provided by Postmates. This can be annoying and adds another layer of responsibility on the driver.
  • Postmates services is not available in as many cities as Uber Eats is.

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DoorDash is another awesome food delivery application. It has a streamlined delivery process, with perks passed down to drivers as well.

DoorDash Pros

  • During certain time frames, drivers are guaranteed a minimum amount of earnings, especially during peak times like lunch and weekends.
  • The commission that is absorbed by DoorDash is lower than other food delivery services, only taking 20% per each order.
  • Drivers earn between $15 to $25 per hour.
  • Drivers are allowed to schedule shifts ahead of time, which makes them “on-call” during the shifts they sign up for (this can become a con if something does arise.)
  • Vehicle requirements at DoorDash is lenient, and in some markets, bikes and scooters are allowed for deliveries.

DoorDash Cons

  • If you live in a smaller market, DoorDash might not be available to work for.
  • If you want an expedited transfer to your bank, it will cost you $1.25 per transaction. Funds aren’t received right away, but the following day (however, regular transactions are totally free and take about a week, if you are willing to
  • Dashers have reported that pre-scheduled shifts tend to be booked quickly during busy times, especially weekends, which prevents drivers from working.

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Each food delivery service naturally has their own set of pros and cons, which can greatly depend on your location and what you are looking for in a driving gig.

However, remember that you are not limited too just one food delivery service!

If you are a new driver, we recommend that you pick and stick to one delivery service to gain some experience before branching out. This will help you to prepare for the rewards, and sometimes stress, that juggling multiple delivery service apps can cause.

If you are a newbie to this kind of gig, then you should consider one of the big three deliver companies we talked about today!

No matter if you decide to take a delivery service driver job or whichever company you choose, you really need to take full advantage of the driver sign-up bonuses! Most people know that customers receive the perk of free delivery with their first order, but many have no idea the lucrative bonuses they can receive as a new driver. These are an excellent way to earn additional cash on top of your delivery earnings!

A great method in using the referral codes is to try out each app and collect those bonuses as you go, that way you maximize your earnings in a short period of time. Just make sure you can fulfill the minimum requirements before signing up.

No matter which app (or apps) you choose to work for, don’t forget how far great customer service can go! Customers will appreciate you more when you keep the delivery time for their order low, meet the requests they make, and provide them with polite service!

The Top Three Food Delivery Services to Work for in 2019

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