Two Unique Ideas That Can Help You to Score More Money as a Rideshare Driver

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The desire to make more money is as prominent as the need to eat and drink water. There are many ways that you can make a bit of extra cash as a rideshare driver, but these two techniques blow many of those others out of the water!

Two Unique Ideas That Can Help You Score More Money as a Rideshare Driver

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As both a past rideshare driver and a current passenger, there is always the need for a Snickers bar to curb your hunger or a pair of headphones to tune out the constant beeping as you inch along during bumper-to-bumper traffic. Fortunately, these needs were finally answered!

Cargo is a startup that was founded in 2016 that provides all those random items that many passengers crave mid-ride. Plus, it is another amazing source for income! Cargo has partnered with many brands that provide protein bars, candy, gum, and other miscellaneous items. All the items sit within a case that sits within an easy reach for passengers. Each case of stuff is paired with a unique code that is special to each driver and can record what items passengers purchased during their ride.

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There are many free items while others just cost a dollar or two. The best part as a rideshare driver is that you get a bit of extra cash from whatever your passengers take, even if the items they took were free! All this is web-based, so there is no need to download a mobile app.

Cargo continues to snag partnerships with big-name companies that are always on the hunt for ways to get their products in front of new consumers. It is said that drivers earn $1.00 for every order and 25% from every paid item. There are also with bonuses for selling many items. In addition, there are sales bonuses you can earn after selling a certain amount of items and you earn 100% of your tips.

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2. Sell Your Creations or Promote Your Business

If you are looking to expose your skills as an artist, professional crafter, photographer, etc., perhaps you should think about doing what Gavin Escolar does as an Uber driver in San Francisco! Gavin is a jewelry artist and designer who drives seven days a week as a rideshare driver. While he drives 10-hour days, he displays his jewelry creations for passengers to see.

It is not only a great conversation starter that helps to boost driver ratings but is a fantastic way to get your creations out there in front of brand new eyes and a variety of consumers. In fact, Gavin made over $250,000 last year with this method.

If you create tinier masterpieces, like Gavin does with jewelry, it’s quite easy to have them showcased on the dash. For photographers and artist, perhaps think about printing out your creations and placing them in a cover attached to the back of your headrests for passengers to look at. If you are the owner of another service, showcase that on or in your car.

Make sure to always have business cards, postcards, or flyers with you with you drive so that passengers can easily get ahold you to purchase one of your items or utilize a service you offer.

You can create, print and ship your own marketing materials using Moo (our link will give you 25% off your first order!)

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If these two ideas do not suit your forte of rideshare driving desires, then take a gander at other ways to earn extra money as a rideshare driver!

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