Uber Driver Referral San Diego Guaranteed Payout $690 After 75 Trips

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Uber Driver Referral San Diego Guaranteed Payout $690 After 75 Trips.


690 Uber Driver Referral San Diego Guaranteed Payout


Uber is trying out a new referral program for people who sign up to drive in San Diego after November 10th! A guaranteed payout of $690 after just 75 trips!


Here are the Terms:

  1. Sign up after November 10th, 2016 using referral code UBER94UND.
  2. You must not have signed up on Uber previously.
  3. Complete 75 trips within 90 days of signing up.
  4. This offer replaces the standard referral reward.
  5. All your referrals' trips have to be with different riders. 
  6. Canceled trips don’t count.
  7. Uber reserves the right to withhold or deduct payments if we believe an error happened or anything was fraudulent, illegal or in violation of the driver terms or these terms
  8. These terms are subject to change so get them while their hot!


Why Drive for Uber?

  1. You can earn good money.
  2. You can be your own boss and drive whenever you want.
  3. You'll get paid weekly (via direct deposit) for the rides you give.
  4. You can refer other drivers or passengers with your personal invite code and earn extra bonus money.
  5. There are partner perks, which include discounts on services, maintenance, personal health care and local businesses.


How Much do Uber Drivers Make?

Studies across the nation show that Uber drivers make over $19 an hour on average. Here in San Diego, I usually make $18-$25 an hour, but by driving during surges and/or by giving longer rides, I've personally earned up to $70 an hour!

According to TechCrunch, New York City Uber drivers make over $30 an hour on average!


Basic Requirements to Drive

  1. You are 21 years or older.
  2. You submit and pass a background check.
  3. You must have either an iPhone 4s or newer, or an Android 2013 or newer.


Minimum Vehicle Requirements for UberX

  1. Must be 15 years or less from current year (2001 or newer.)
  2. Must have 4 full, independently opening doors.
  3. Must have seats AND seat belts for driver and at least 4 passengers.
  4. No cosmetic damage or missing pieces.
  5. No commercial branding or taxi color paint jobs.
  6. No large passenger vans or commercial/Heavy Duty trucks.
  7. No salvaged or rental vehicles.

For more info on driving for Uber in San Diego, check out Uber's San Diego Uber Movement page.


Read My Personal Rideshare Story

If you need a little inspiration, feel free to read my personal rideshare story by clicking here! I've earned a lot more in less time with Uber than I have with Lyft, through both driving and by referring others (Uber has an awesome referral program!) I am really grateful for both of these companies, however, as they have become major assets to me in helping me pay my bills on time while building up my own design & marketing business. Uber in particular has become my biggest source of income since the beginning of 2015!


To Sign Up + Qualify for the Guaranteed Payout

Go to the Uber Sign Up Page and be sure to use my referral code UBER94UND.



Need to Retroactively Add a Referral Code? 

If you found this blog post after you already signed up, can retroactively apply a referral code if it has been less than 15 days since you became active in Uber's system. 


To learn how to do this, see the Retroactive Uber Referral Code page.


Don't Want to Drive but Just Want a Free Ride?

Get up to $20 OFF your first ride with referral code UBER94UND!