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Why Drive with Uber?

Flexible Schedule

You get to choose when you want to work and for however long you want.

Earn Extra

Promotions during busy times and tips for great service can put more money in your pocket.

Get Paid Fast

Your earnings automatically get deposited every week. Drivers in markets with Instant Pay can cash out up to 5 times a day.

Driver Perks

Health Insurance Marketplace

Find affordable options that work for you and your family.

Professional Enrichment

Get ahead with language classes and business courses.

Personalized Financial Services

Access discounts on tax services and advice for Uber driver-partners.

Local Discounts

Enjoy deals from local businesses on everything from fuel to car maintenance.

Phone Bill Savings

Qualify for breaks on your monthly phone bill for you and everyone on your plan.

Uber Visa Debit Card

Earn cash back at participating merchants for gas, auto care, and more.


Sign Up to Drive Using Our Referral Code

You can apply to drive right online in less than a minute. To become eligible to earn your Uber Sign-Up Guarantee you'll need to sign up using our driver referral code "UBER94UND".


Fill Out the Online Application

Once you click our referral link, you'll come to a page that looks like this:

Sign up to Drive for Uber Using Referral Code UBER94UND and Receive a Sign Up Guarantee

Fill in your email, name, phone, password, and the city you'll be driving in and then click the button that says "Next."

Please note, the Guarantee amount shown on this page is just a sample Guarantee.

After you finish the application process, you'll receive an email from Uber confirming what the current Sign-Up Guarantee promotion is in your city.

Here's an Example of How the Sign-Up Guarantee Works

Let's say the Sign-Up Guarantee promotion in your city is $1,025 after completing 140 rides within your first 90 days. If you complete 140 rides within 90 days and only make $700, Uber will pay you the difference of $325, so you will get a total of $1,025. If you make more than $1,025, you will get to keep 100% of whatever you make.


Choose the Vehicle Option That Best Suits You

After you click submit, Uber will ask if you will use your own car, or be renting, leasing, or purchasing a car through them.

If you will be using your own car:

Check out Uber's driver requirements page to make sure you meet their requirements.

If you plan on renting, leasing or purchasing a car through them:

Check out Uber's vehicle solutions page for more info.


Verify Your Identity

After that, Uber will ask for your social security number to verify your identity and then you will be able to finish your application by uploading the required documents.

If you are using your own vehicle you will need to upload:

Driver’s License
Vehicle Registration
Vehicle Insurance

If you decide on renting, leasing, or purchasing a vehicle from Uber, you only need to upload your driver’s license to get started.


Consent to a Background Check

The last step is to consent to a background check. This part usually takes a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Once you pass your background check, you will need to take your car to get an inspection.

The inspection can be done at an Uber Greenlight Hub, or a number of stores such as Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube, or Autozone.

The inspection cost is about $20.


Begin Driving!

Be sure to check out our Rideshare tips on our blog to make the most out of your time on the road!

Retroactive Uber Referral Code

If you forgot to use a referral code when signing up to drive, you can still retroactively apply one as long as it's within 7 days of signing up.

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