UberEats Is Evolving: New Ways to Make Money Delivering with Uber

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UberEats has expanded their delivery methods and it can certainly benefit you!

If you have ever thought of delivering for UberEats, but your vehicle did not meet their requirements in the past, you may want to reconsider becoming your neighborhood’s favorite delivery person.

UberEats is Evolving - New Ways to Make Money Delivering with Uber

Whether by automobile, scooter, or bicycle, UberEats is now allowing qualified individuals to transport favorite meals to local businesses or houses. That’s right! The requirements to deliver for UberEats are not what they used to be, so no need for that brand-new car.

Although deliveries vary by city, if you plan to deliver in a well-populated area, chances are you can choose from one of the three methods mentioned below.


UberEats Delivery Requirements

The requirements for each UberEats method are as follows.

If you Plan to Deliver by Car

• A Valid Driver’s License
• One-year driving experience within the United States
• Vehicle insurance must be valid
• A 2 door or 4 door vehicle 1997 or newer
• Must be at least 19 years of age

If you Plan to Deliver by Scooter

• 2-wheel scooter of any make or model with a motor of 50cc or less
• Scooter must travel no more than 30mph

Deliver by bicycle

If You Plan to Deliver by Bicycle

• Must be at least 18 years of age
• A valid state-issued Identification Card
• Be sure to choose ‘Biking’ under transportation method upon registering

The latest change has removed the limitations that UberEats Drivers once had, as they are now capitalizing on each delivery and reaping all the benefits.

Drivers who deliver by scooter or bicycle are surely saving money on gas and bicyclists no longer need to worry about polluting the air, as it's an undeniably eco-friendly gig. Not to mention the great cardio workout!

Delivery persons have also discovered if they stay close to eatery plazas during the hours that deliveries are high in demand, they will make more money in less time. Drivers who service the same area are tending to build an ongoing relationship with their customers, allowing them to pocket more in tips. Another added benefit!

When the customer recognizes the same face every Friday night, as you deliver hot pizza to their front door, they begin to acquire a better sense of trust and appreciation for their delivery person. This allows the experience to be more personal. They almost look forward to your first-class customer service, a definite benefit to the customer!

The image of the company increases because UberEats can now employ a more versatile group of individuals. Requirements will always play a role but the limitations have been removed. This broadens opportunities for those who were always interested in earning extra cash but never had the correct means of transportation to do so. In the end, UberEats looks like a hero!

UberEats is always evolving! The company is constantly brainstorming over innovative ways to benefit all parties involved. Until they launch their next concept, take advantage of delivering for UberEats with any method of your choice. Grab your insulated UberEats bags from your local hub and drive, scoot, or cycle to your next delivery.

Join in on the evolution of UberEats today!

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