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With the multitudes of income options out there for those that are motivated to hustle on the side of their 9 to 5 jobs, it can be difficult to choose which one suites you and your lifestyle the best. Today, we are going to compare delivering for Ubereats vs. Postmates!

We will be comparing each delivery opportunity in each of the following categories and choosing a winner in each:

  • Sign-up
  • Applications
  • Driver Experience
  • Ratings
  • Customer Service
  • Pay

Let the delivery battle begin!

UberEats vs Postmates - Which one should you delver for?

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Sign-Up Process

Both UberEats and Postmates have painless processes when signing up to drive and deliver. All that is required of you is to fill out your information and be patient for a few days as the companies perform a background check.

Both platforms require you to:

  • Have a good driving record
  • Have vehicle insurance in good standing

UberEats’ background check has been reported by the majority of users to take just a couple days while many that sign-up with Postmates had to wait two weeks to be approved and to receive the required items for delivering.

Since both sign-up processes are super easy, we will let you decide which one should win as we think it is a tie for this round!


UberEats shares the same application with those that drive for Uber, which makes their application much more detailed and has more features, such as, but not limited to:

  • Driver statistics
  • Map preferences
  • Access to account
  • Access customer service

The application for Postmates is much more bare-boned than UberEats. You will find a simplistic map on the front page along with multiple slots for news, ratings, etc.

The Postmates application is by far more streamlined and user-friendly while the app for UberEats is more detailed and takes a while to get accustomed to. It all depends on your personal preferences. Some folks like that they have all their information in one application while some would rather have a simple application to use while on the go. So, we have another tie.

Driver Experience


Many drivers who deliver for UberEats have reported their experience to be laid-back. UberEats is typically a curb-side delivery service in most locations which means after you pick up food, you arrive at the customer’s location and wait for them to arrive. An added bonus is that if the customer you are delivering to doesn’t come out within 5 minutes, you are able to snatch that free meal!

Postmates is a door delivery service, which means they require you to deliver the customer’s food right to their doorstep. While this doesn’t seem like much of a chore, it can be when you must climb stairs in apartment complexes and hunt down the proper doorstep, which takes time from you making more money with deliveries.

Because of this, if you are not in the greatest shape or have a disability, Postmates is likely not the best option for you physically and you may want to stick with UberEats.

Arriving at restaurants

Another core piece of the food delivery biz is going to the restaurants to pick up food orders.

When working for UberEats, you go inside the establishment and state the order number and the food is usually ready. If the food happens to not be ready, you do have a choice to cancel that order and move on to the next delivery or patiently wait.

Postmates is vastly different since they require drivers to pay with a debit card you are given from the company. Upon arriving at the restaurant, you get out your Postmates card and pay for the order you are picking up. There are even some orders that require you as the driver to place the order in person. This means you have to place the order, wait for the food to be cooked, pay with your card, and then you can deliver. As you can imagine, that process can slow down delivery time tremendously.

Obviously, UberEats wins this round hands down.


UberEats has just recently eliminated all their rating categories and you are only judged by the most important rating, customer satisfaction. They base this score on your past 500 deliveries.

Postmates differs in that it has never had an acceptance rating, meaning you have always been able to decline orders. However, Postmates judges your customer satisfaction score from your past 100 deliveries and are harsher in this process since you have to maintain a 4.7 star-rating.

As previously mentioned, Postmates satisfaction can be hard to maintain since you sometimes have to be the one to place the order, get orders late, and you are required to deliver to the door which slow down delivery times.

Again, due to the stress of Postmates, UberEats wins the ratings round.

Customer Service

UberEats shares their platform with Uber, which means they have an easily found customer service number if something goes wrong during a delivery, such as not being able to get ahold of the customer, for example.

Postmates, on the other hand, do not have a dedicated line to call, but you have to email them when issues arise and there is no method of live chat support during deliveries.

Since people enjoy the peace of mind of easily accessible customer service, UberEats grabs another win.


UberEats compared to Postmates has better promotions and incentives which brings their overall pay up. But even when you get credit for all these awards, Postmates pays more per delivery than UberEats does. What many have reported is that Postmates pays an entire 3 dollars more than UberEats does per delivery. As you can imagine, that can add up quickly. Most people average $7 with UberEats and $10 per delivery with Postmates.

Despite the difference in pay, UberEats pays the moment after deliveries, while Postmates pays on a rolling basis, which means you don’t know how much or when you will be paid.

Without a doubt, thanks to the pay difference, Postmates finally wins a round!

Which Should you Choose?

Honestly, it is all about preference, how much time you have, and your lifestyle. There are many folks that drive for both platforms while there are others that drive for one of the other. If I was to personally choose a platform to start a food delivery side hustle, I would choose UberEats for the following reasons:


  • Better promotions
  • Easier process all-around
  • Less stress
  • Busier in more traffic-free areas

Any of these side-hustle opportunities are nice to try out to diversify your experiences and you should not be too swayed by other people’s experiences. Go out and experience these one-of-a-kind opportunities for yourself and see what success you can have!

UberEats vs Postmates - Which one should you delver for?

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