The Worst Things You Can Do as a Rideshare Customer

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Thanks to the creation of the rideshare biz, there are many companies that have helped everyday folks get to point A to point B safely and efficiently. The “big” names in rideshare, such as Uber and Lyft, have been around for less than ten years, which leaves a lot of room for rideshare consumers to make crucial etiquette mistakes.

When it comes to utilizing ride-hailing applications, it can be challenging to truly know the culture of a new technology. Thankfully, you will never have to worry about receiving a one-star customer rating from your rideshare drivers if you adhere to this list of things that drivers wish their customers would stop doing.

The Worst Things You Can Do as a Rideshare Customer

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1. Don't Cancel Rides

Even if you cancel a ride, your driver still has the power to charge you a fee. Plus, think about how you would feel if you drove clear across the city for someone who didn’t want a ride after all?

To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you:

  • Don’t order a ride until you are certain you need it
  • Don’t order a ride from a rideshare company until you are ready to hit the town

2. Don’t Assume You Can Sit in the Front Seat

To many, this one can be a challenging decision, unless of course the back seat is packed with other riders. To many Uber and Lyft drivers, assuming you can plop your butt in their front seat is not only rude, but it also counts as an unnecessary distraction.

Also, from an experienced Uber driver to you, 98% of us don’t think that sitting in the back of the car is rude, so no worries! That is where we would rather have you sit to begin with. Forego the awkwardness of front-seat sitting unless you must.

3. NO Touching

I cannot tell you how many times I picked up people who were the touchy-feely type. If you are one of these people, more power to you! But please, save your hugs for your friends and family.

Touching total strangers can be a bit awkward and uncomfortable for some people. The last thing you want for your rating is to touch a driver that hates being touched, even by members of their own family.

Be courteous and just don’t do it.

4. Don’t Touch the Stereo

You would be surprised at how many riders reach over to change the radio station without politely asking the driver first. Ever more so, people just steal the auxiliary cord, plug in their phones and start jamming to their emo-screamo tunes.

While I am a lover of rock and roll, it's always a good idea to ask before you switch stations or plug in your own music.

Remember, this is not your car. My rule of thumb is to at least have some type of conversation before even thinking about changing stations.

Don't touch the stereo

5. Buckle Up, Chuck

No one wants to get into an accident, especially rideshare drivers. Unfortunately, accidents are inevitable, even in a rideshare vehicle.

No matter whose car it is, you need to buckle yourself up. You never know what will happen when you are headed to your next destination.

It’s also a huge pet peeve to many drivers who must remind passengers over and over to buckle up. We are not your mother. You should always wear your seat belt, even if it is just a short jaunt across town. If you fail to put it on as directed, this can distract the driver and can make the entire ride way more awkward than it has to be.

6. Be Respectful of Seating Limitations

If a car is intended to carry a maximum of four passengers, don’t try to play Tetris and fit your friend-gang of eight.

Instead, take more than one Uber or pay extra for a larger vehicle. The one thing that will surely tarnish your passenger star rating is not following the law.

7. Ensure Your Destination Address is Correct

In my experience with Uber, there were a number of customers who didn’t even have the right address when ordering their ride! Talk about frustrating.

Before setting up a ride, do a bit of research of Dr. Google. This is especially needed when you are riding to a new place.

8. Move Your Pin to the Exact Location

The GPS software built into rideshare applications is just like the human race, it is not perfect. It may place your destination on the opposite side of a building or at a nearby address instead of the correct one.

While there is just a minute difference on your computer, the driver could end up wasting precious time they have to schedule other rides on their shift.

Ensure you get that pin’s placement exact. Trust me, your driver will appreciate the additional effort.

Move Your Pin to the Exact Location

9. Remove Your Trash

Many people are raised better than to leave their trash in other people’s vehicles, but in the rideshare world, many customers do it anyway.

Leaving your wrappers, sticking gum to the seats and doors, and leaving a hefty number of crumbs in the car will surely get you docked a star or two.

This is rude, especially since people use their personal vehicles to perform this service for you.

“Take only memories and leave only footprints.” Actually, don’t leave footprints either if you can help it! Ensure all of the items that helped contribute to the mess you created go with you when the ride is over.

Remove Your Trash

10. Don’t Inquire About Anything else but the Ride Itself

While I personally always had a case of water in my car, when I used to drive for Uber, many other drivers don’t provide these luxuries, simply because they don’t have to.

Many rideshare customers have gotten the impression that drivers have a mini store in their trunks. This is not the case most of the time, so don’t assume you will be provided with a complimentary bottle of water, snacks, or other items. You are paying for transportation, not to be pampered like you are riding in a limo.

11. Be Ready for the Car’s Arrival

Rideshare drivers of all shapes and sizes hustle their butt’s off to make a decent wage performing this side gig. They really don’t have the time to waste on people that take 5-10 additional minutes to get out to the car when it arrives.

Don’t bother ordering a car until you and those riding with you are ready to go. This will ensure you can watch for the car and get in it right away. Your driver will greatly appreciate it.

12. Don’t Ask Drivers to Speed

It is not up to the driver to make up lost time that you wasted before you got in the car. Rideshare drivers are not responsible to make up any lost time and asking them to speed is quite irritating.

In the rideshare world, if you are late, it is nobody’s fault but your own.

The driver will not hurry for you, especially if you beg them to. Plan ahead and count an additional 10-15 minutes for your ride, depending on where you live and where you are headed.

Don't ask rideshare drivers to speed

13. Don’t Give Bad Driver Reviews if You Don’t have a Legit Reason

If you are sincerely upset with how a rideshare ride panned out, then by all means, don’t hesitate to leave a review. But if the driver did the best they could, then don’t go leave bad reviews out of spite. This could be a full time income that drivers count on, so don’t be a Negative Nancy and ruin the opportunity for them.

14. Don’t Text Your Driver

When you see the car icon on your rideshare application moving in your direction, the best thing you can do is patiently wait for their arrival. The driver has your pick-up location, so if they have any questions, be assured they will call you. Texting is distracting and can lead to accidents and slower rideshare times.

If you have any questions that need urgently answered, call your driver instead.

15. Don’t Stuff Your Face in the Car

While this sounds like a common courtesy, I just flashed back to numerous times where I had to listen to passengers eat with your mouths open, dropping crumbs and dripping sauce in my seats.

Vehicles are quite literally the offices of rideshare drivers. When you drop your cute little crumbs and smear your greasy hands everywhere, we get bad ratings from future rides that occur the same day. We don’t have time to clean out our cars after each ride. Simply don’t eat in the car and wait until you get to your destination to devour food like an animal.

If you sustain from doing the actions in this article, then you will be on your way to a shining 5-star rideshare customer rating in no time! Plus, you are better able to make rideshare driver friends by being kind, courteous, and thoughtful.

Don't stuff your face in the car


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